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Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Setting the bar yet again, Microgaming brings us its Blackjack jewel, the online Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. The game is very well presented, with a hint of flash and very smooth and pleasant animations. The interface is, of course, very clear and understandable, inviting for both beginners and veterans. The game also has a bunch of very welcome options, such as a quick deal and auto rebet, which will make play significantly more pleasant for longer sessions.

This rendition of one of the most popular card games plays by standard Blackjack rules, with a few notable exceptions. First off, the game is played with 4 decks. You can double down your bet even after a split, while up to three splits can be played, for a total of four player hands per bet. Also, you can double down after a split. There is also the Insurance option, which lets you play against a dealer’s Blackjack. The goal of the game is, of course, to land hands valued at 21, or simply beat the dealer’s hand.

Bets range from €1 to €200 on each hand, meaning that after an insurance, three splits and four double downs, you can have a wager of up to €1 800 up on the table!

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