Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Vegas Strip BlackjackIf 21 is your game of choice but you cannot afford to visit Sin City in person, Vegas Strip Blackjack provides you with a convenient and purse-friendly solution. This entertaining blackjack variant was designed by the highly acclaimed software supplier Microgaming and offers you a dynamic gameplay, liberal rules, and decent authenticity in terms of graphics and audio, especially if you pick the Gold Series version of the game.

Microgaming is a software developer which strives to reach as many players as possible with its innovative products. Vegas Strip Blackjack serves as the perfect example for this as it comes with broad table limits to fit into any size of bankroll. You can play for as little as $1.00 but the needs of high rollers are also taken into consideration with a table maximum reaching up to $200.00 on a single hand. Players of all experience and skill levels are accommodated with a user-friendly interface which ensures a hassle-free gaming and navigation.

Gaming Experience

While card games hardly allow for creating anything too fancy in terms of graphics and animations, the overall visual presentation of the original Vegas Strip Blackjack may be a little bit of a letdown for some players. Its graphics are not jaw-dropping but are still decent enough to ensure an enjoyable experience for blackjack fans. The virtual table is an exact replica of the blackjack tables at brick-and-mortar establishments, with its green felt, chip tray, shoe, and five betting boxes.

Vegas Strip Blackjack may fall flat in the graphics department but the same does not apply to the audio effects which significantly improve one’s experience. You can hear the virtual dealer announcing the outcome of each hand you play but the totals are also displayed in small red boxes next to the cards to minimize playing errors. The soothing piano music playing in the background sets you in the right mood and helps you wind down whenever you happen to lose a hand.

The game is generally easy to control but some players may be dissatisfied with the way the bet sizing is regulated. Instead of selecting from different chip values situated next to the table’s rail, as is the case with other Microgaming card games, you alter your chip denomination with the “+” or “-” buttons, which certainly is less convenient.

Specific Features

The game’s name already betrays what to expect as it borrows its rules from the blackjack variations played across the lavish venues at the Las Vegas Strip. What this means is Las Vegas Blackjack is played with four full decks and the software reshuffles the cards following the end of each hand.

The virtual dealer stands on all totals of 17, no matter whether they are soft or hard. Whenever the dealer shows an Ace, players are offered to insure their hands against the possibility of the dealer flipping over a face card to complete a natural. Winning insurance bets offer the usual payout of 2 to 1 while blackjacks return at a rate of 3 to 2.

Some of the rules that apply in Vegas Strip Blackjack provide players with more opportunities to win and enable them to cut their losses when in unfavorable situations. One of the biggest advantages this variation has to offer results from the practice of the dealer to peek for naturals on both Aces and face-cards. This can significantly reduce your losses from doubling down or splitting hands that have been automatic losers from the get-go. Whenever the dealer peeks and indeed has a blackjack, they would automatically turn over their hole card, preventing you from acting on your hand and thus, lose more money.

There is the option to double down on any two-card total you like, which is also permitted following a split. Pairs can be split three times for a total of four hands, including Aces, but in this case you qualify for one additional card per Ace only. You can split pairs consisting of different ten-value cards, meaning that you are allowed a split when receiving a starting hand of a King and a Queen, for example.

One of the few unfavorable rules in Vegas Strip Blackjack prohibits you from surrendering hands you believe are potential losers. But given how liberal the game is in all other aspects, players can live with the absence of the surrender option.


There is no need to buy plane tickets and fly over to the glowing Las Vegas Strip in order to play a blackjack variation with advantageous rules. You can easily do so without even leaving the comfort of your living room by giving Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack a go. The game is designed in such a way so as to emulate the playing experience at an actual Vegas Strip table and offers the same liberal rules which apply at landbased venues throughout Sin City.

The graphics, animations, and audio are decent enough but if you insist on more spectacular visuals and extra features, we highly recommend you switch to the Vegas Strip Blackjack version that is part of Microgaming’s Gold Series. The latter plays in accordance with the same rules as the original but has been given a makeover with a few additional features and a better visual presentation in general. Both versions come with a quite low house edge thanks to their great rules but you can cause it drop even further if you adopt a suitable basic strategy.

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