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Craps by Microgaming

One of the most famous casino games, Craps makes it to the online scene, courtesy of online gaming household name Microgaming. The game bares its developer’s trademark minimalistic visual style, which you will be glad for in long sessions, or while learning, or if you simply don’t like the flashy presentations.

The game has a very well fleshed out interface, with bet options highlighting when moused over, making them easy to see and distinguish, while the whole package is very neatly presented. The win payouts are also very well presented, and the player is able to grasp every at a glance. There is no excessive flashiness, nor are there any clunky and cumbersome, and ultimately unnecessary and probably unwanted animations. Easy to bet, easy to follow and quickly learned, Microgaming’s Craps is a welcome addition to any casino’s online portfolio.

Bets start from €1 and go up to €100 for every bet field, while payouts go up to x30 per bet. There is a 5% house commission paid for every Buy and Lay win.

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