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sic boSic Bo is a dice game originating from Ancient China that has garnered a large enough Western player base to be relevant in the world of online gambling.

This version of the game has been created by Playtech and that company’s name carries a lot of weight in the online casino industry.

They are known for their high-quality titles and are considered a leader in the development of online casinos games.

Gaming Experience

Playing Sic Bo is an interesting experience as it resembles nothing that we normally play in the West. It is a game played with 3 dice and depending on how you bet you may be entitled to receive a payout. Graphics-wise, the game maintains Playtech’s standards, featuring a mostly clear interface. The betting grid covers most of the screen and it can be confusing at first, as it lists option after option, but after you take your time and actually read what you are looking at, you will have no issues understanding everything. If you still feel lost, then you can always turn to the help menu, where all rules and relevant information is contained.

Sic Bo offers you an incredible range of betting options, allowing you to bet on all kinds of combinations and outcomes. In truth, Sic Bo might very well feature just as much, if not more, betting options that roulette. The betting limits are also very adequate, with the game allowing you to wager up to $360 in total, with some bets featuring their own limits.

Specific Features

Sic Bo is a fascinating and simplistic game that has a lot of entertainment value. With this said, we also have to mention that it does not come with any special features. There is very little thought involved in this game; all you have to know is how the bets work. There are four different types of bets – specific numbers, combinations, total sum, and double and triple bets. Each bet comes with its own specific payout, but they are too many to list here.

Sic Bo comes with a varying return-to-player percentage, depending on the type of bets that you place. According to the software provided, the maximum return average is 97.22%, while the minimum is 81.02%. As you can see, the house can vary wildly so it is recommended to look up the different bets and see how much they pay, so that you have a good idea of what you are getting into and how to place wagers.


Overall, Sic Bo is an interesting game and rather unique to the culture of Western gambling. We hardly have any dice games in online casinos so it is a refreshing change of pace to have something of this sort. The game comes with a varying house edge so it best to tread carefully should you decide to play it. We recommend that you give it a try in free mode to see if you like it. Obviously, this game is much more popular in Asia and has not gained a strong foothold in Western societies for a reason. It may not appeal to everyone and that is fine. Just understand what you are getting into when you start betting real money on it.

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