1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

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1000 Diamond Bet Roulette1000 Diamond Bet Roulette is a specific variation of roulette, developed by Playtech. The game is very popular among all types of players and it can be found in a number of web-based casinos. What sets this version apart from the rest of the available roulette games on the Internet is the fact that it has five diamond slots which offer generous jackpots. In other words, it features a unique wheel whose total number of pockets is 105. It is possible to place a bet on a white, purple, blue, green or red diamond, all of which can be very profitable if you are lucky enough to land on them.

The game is the perfect option for the players who wish to diversify their gambling experience by playing a game which has a slightly different gameplay and additional features. The minimum bet that you can place per number is €0.10 and the maximum €50. The total amount that you can wager per spin is €10,000 which makes the game suitable for high rollers.

Gaming Experience

The whole gaming process in 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette is very exciting and dynamic since the game gives you the chance to win big, providing that the ball lands on any of the five jackpot slots. By playing this variation, you will certainly get a new gaming experience because of the many additional features it includes. The tray with the chips values is located on the right side of the screen, whereas, all of the game features are positioned on the left side. Between them, you will be able to see the betting layout above which is positioned the oval roulette wheel.

At the beginning of the game, you are required to choose a chip value and select the number or the group of numbers you wish to place a bet on. In this variation, there are several types of bets that can be put, including Diamond Split, Diamond Trio, Diamond Corner, Red, Black, Even, Odd and others. It is possible to place more than one bet type and to select different coin values for each one of them. Before you click on the spin button, you can check the total amount you have put which can be found at the right corner of the screen.

Specific Features

The game offers various features which will make your overall gambling experience very pleasant. The interface of the game is very user-friendly which certainly helps a lot when it comes to roulette due to the many types of bets you can place each round. When you first start playing 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette, you will be able to see three features which are conveniently located above the spin button.

The first feature is the Double one which makes your bet twice as much, providing that it doesn’t exceed the table limit. The second one clears all of the bets that you have put and the third one you can use to undo all of the actions you have made so far. There are also other two very interesting features – Quick Bets and Lucky Numbers which are positioned on the left side of the screen, next to the chips tray. It is also possible to take advantage of the Autoplay feature by simply holding the spin button for a few seconds. It gives you the chance to set the wheel in motion for a certain number of spins – up to 99 spins or until feature.


1000 Diamond Bet Roulette is a very exciting variation which is worth your while since it offers a very different gaming process and great game features. The first thing that you will notice when you load the game will be the extraordinary betting layout and wheel which differ from the standard roulette games in several aspects. On the right side of the betting area, there are five diamonds on which you can wager. What makes these diamond slots special is that they offer a jackpot whose amount makes this game worth playing.

The bottom line is that this variant is the perfect game for all roulette enthusiasts who wish to try something new and this way, diversify their gambling experience. 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette offers a wide range of bet types which give you the freedom to choose the most suitable one for you. Since the game was developed by Playtech, you can find it in a number of online casinos which are in partnership with this software provider.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette
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