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101 Roulette

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101 rouletteIf you are a fan of the Devil’s wheel but are looking for a less conventional experience, you should certainly try out Playtech’s 101 Roulette. This is an exciting rendition of the traditional game of chance we all are familiar with as it offers a higher number of pockets and better payouts on winnings bets. Instead of the usual 37 (or 38) numbers on classic roulette wheels, Playtech developers have created an action-packed game with 100 alternating black and red pockets. The number of green pockets has increased from 1 to 5 for a total of 105 numbers on the oval virtual wheel.

This Playtech variation of roulette comes with an exceptionally elegant design, clear visuals, and intuitive gameplay. The increased number of pockets on the wheel allows for a rather thrilling game with more betting options. This makes 101 Roulette the perfect option for all fans of this casino mainstay who wish to diversify their playing sessions.

Gaming Experience

The developers at Playtech have ensured that all roulette aficionados will enjoy a smooth-sailing gaming session across all devices thanks to 101 Roulette’s user-friendly interface. If you are already familiar with the game of roulette, you will surely not experience any difficulties in mastering 101 Roulette. The only difference lies in the greater number of pockets, which also results in higher payouts on some of the winning bets.

There are 100 black and red pockets that alternate as well as 5 green ones – the zero, plus four other pockets containing the four card suits, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. This also causes the house edge to increase to 3.81%, with the game’s average theoretical return standing at 96.19%.

The payouts are also adjusted to accommodate the additional numbers on the wheel. For example, players who bet straight up on individual numbers can potentially collect a payout of 100 to 1. The only payouts that coincide with those in the standard game are on winning red/black and odd/even bets which pay even money in 101 Roulette as well.

Specific Features

This Playtech rendition of the classic game is not much different from what roulette fans are already used to. The wheel itself sort of resembles the racetrack where call bets are made because of its oval shape. Other than that, the software developers have incorporated several very useful features for the benefit of roulette players.

The first additional feature is the Lucky Number functionality. You turn it on to automatically make bets on all numbers, located at the corners and borders of your preferred number. There is also the Quick Bets option which allows you to bet automatically on all the numbers contained in the same row and the same column as your chosen number. This is a very useful feature, especially for players who like to experiment with different betting strategies.

Also, 101 Roulette enables you to enjoy a more dynamic gameplay with its Autoplay functionality. It is possible to play up to 99 rounds without any interruption. You can adjust the Turbo Spins settings so as to boost the dynamics of the game. Last but not least, Playtech developers guarantee the convenience of players who have adopted the Martingale progression with the addition of the Double Bet functionality.


Although 101 Roulette is not that much different from the standard roulette variations players are used to, it makes for a refreshing change from the usual round wheel. Betting options are more versatile because of the increased number of pockets. This also results in an increase in volatility since there are five green pockets that can cause your even-money wagers to lose. The odds of winning with straight up bets are also diminished because there are more numbers that can cause you to lose.

Because of this, players who choose 101 Roulette should expect less frequent winnings. On the bright side, if you do win, especially with an inside bet, the payout you earn will be quite impressive in size. In conclusion, players who opt for 101 Roulette should remember that the higher number of pockets on the wheel also equals a larger house edge of 3.81%.

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