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3D Roulette

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3D RoulettePlaytech’s 3D Roulette is an exceptional three-dimensional version of classic European roulette which can be found in the virtual gaming collections of many online casinos. Along with its 3D wheel, it comes with great functionality and a wide betting range designed for all types of players.

Playtech, the designer and creator of 3D Roulette, is an award-winning provider of premium, user-friendly casino software and its games are graphically superior, functional, and with excellent background music and sound effects. Most virtual roulette games seen across casino sites tend to be almost identical – in terms of both gameplay and appearance. The release from Playtech, however, stands out with its beautiful 3D wheel which occupies half of the screen and creates the authentic atmosphere of a glamorous land-based casino. The betting layout is conveniently positioned in the center of the screen, right above the roulette wheel, and players can enjoy easy betting on specific sectors with the racetrack diagram in the top left corner of the screen.

The game comes with standard bets and some additional options, while bet limits are set in such a way so that players can enjoy the roulette for a longer period of time. Chips come in several denominations – 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 25.00 credits. The minimum bet for the table is 0.50 credits, while the maximum bet per single position allowed stands at 300 credits. The maximum table limit is 3,000 credits.

Gaming Experience

Playtech’s 3D Roulette is based on European roulette, so players are advised to use the same betting strategies. There are 36 numbered pockets in red and black on the wheel, as well as a single zero pocket in green. The available betting options are the standard inside and outside bets, but there are also several special bets that can be placed on the separate racetrack. They include neighbour bets, Voisins du zero and Tiers du cylindre. In addition, there are red splits which cover 4 splits, and black splits, which are bets covering 7 splits.

In the top left corner of the screen, players will find the control panel where they can choose a chip, spin the wheel, or select one of the following buttons – Clear, Undo, Redo, and Repeat. The betting limits, the current bets and winnings are displayed above the layout, while all previous winning numbers can be seen under the wheel. Players can see the payout for each bet as they are hovering over the table. Bets are placed easily by directly clicking a sector on the table.

Additional Features

Even though the game differs visually from other releases by Playtech and other software providers, it remains a classic European roulette. It follows the same rules and does not come with many different features, especially if we refer to features that can significantly change the gameplay. What the game does have, however, are plenty of ways for customization.

There are two green buttons in the bottom of the screen – one opens the pay table, while the other is Visuals. Through it, players will access the User Interface Options where they can adjust certain details of the wheel such as adding or removing the arms of the turret, shading of the number pockets, detailed effects of the turret, and more. There are also general game and audio settings that can be used for personalization. There is the option to disable the animation of the game, but this will remove the entire appeal of playing 3D Roulette.

There is also an interesting Breakdown feature, which you would never see in another roulette game. It allows players to see the exact amount won after each round. The Breakdown window displays the bet that was placed, the exact payout for the sector, and the winnings received by the player.


Playtech’s 3D Roulette is a fantastic game which has become very popular among roulette fans because of its colorful, user-friendly interface, three-dimensional graphics, and authentic casino audio effects. But this roulette version is not just visually stunning – it boasts convenient features, all the standard bets with several extra betting options for more experienced players. In addition, all current information for the bets, winning numbers, and payouts are directly displayed on the layout of the game.

As this is a European-type of a roulette game, it offers players a lower house edge than the classic American roulette which has two zero pockets, instead of just one. This contributes to a very attractive Return to Player percentage of 97.30% and a house edge of just 2.70%. In conclusion, the game definitely has a strong appeal for both novices and experienced players, so they should look for online casinos that offer Playtech software.

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