Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods Roulette

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age of the gods rouletteIf you wish to take your chances at hitting a huge progressive jackpot but are not interested in playing the slots, you most definitely should join a Playtech casino that offers Age of the Gods Roulette. This rendition of the popular game of chance is part of Playtech’s progressive series, inspired by the mythology of the Ancient Greeks. Therefore, the roulette variation comes with four different progressive jackpots.

The wheel and the betting layout where you can place your chips are set against a background revealing different Greek gods and goddesses, such as Pandora, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hercules. The game pleases the eye with its exceptionally crisp visuals while the original sound effects make for the ultimate immersive roulette experience.

In order to get a chance at scooping one of the huge progressive jackpots, players practically contribute with a small percentage of their bets that goes towards the constantly increasing pools. The wheel in this roulette variation contains only a single-zero but there is an additional purple pocket with the Age of Gods logo for the progressive jackpot which increases the game’s house edge to 5.26%.

Gaming Experience

Playtech once again has delivered a very playable, enjoyable and overall rewarding game with its Age of the Gods Roulette offering. You are practically guaranteed a smooth betting experience since the game comes with a user-friendly interface and lots of fun features. Gambling enthusiasts are pretty much facing a standard roulette layout and wheel. You can make inside and outside bets, but there is also a racetrack to accommodate exotic call bets, such as Orphelins, Tier du Cylindre, and Voisins du Zero. Final bets are also an option once you access the More Bets menu.

There is the option to make a bet on the purple Age of the Gods Bonus pocket as it practically corresponds to the double-zero in the American version of the game. However, it is definitely worth a try because if the ball lands in there, you will activate the special bonus side game, which can earn you one of four guaranteed progressive prizes, the Power, Super Power, Extra Power, and Ultimate Power jackpots.

This bonus feature can be triggered at random on any given spin of the wheel as long as you have made a real-money bet on Age of the Gods Roulette. It should be noted that the odds of unlocking the bonus game increase proportionally to your bet sizing, meaning that you have higher chances of collecting a pot with larger wagers. The bonus game features twenty golden coins that are facing down. All you need to do is click on the coins to match three symbols with the same deity and the pot corresponding to the respective symbol is yours.

Specific Features

Not counting the progressive jackpot, players are able to take advantage of several great features that increase their convenience and allow them to mold the game according to their personal preferences. It is possible to choose the direction the roulette wheel spins in, with the two options being counter-clockwise and clockwise. Age of the Gods Roulette supports more exotic bet types but in order to make these, you need to bring out the racetrack. The racetrack button is located immediately above the purple and green betting boxes on the roulette table’s layout.

Statistics regarding the results from previous rounds are also available and you can even see how the outcomes are distributed. Those of you who believe in lucky numbers and like to experiment with various combinations can save up to four different bet configurations by clicking on the star icon at the bottom of the base-game screen. The history section shows you the most recent results as well as what percentage of the table’s layout you cover with each bet.


Playtech’s Age of the Gods Roulette is currently considered one of the best variations out there and is among the few examples of a table game which offers a life-changing progressive jackpot. The game is linked to Playtech’s Mystery Jackpot Network which slightly increases the house edge.

Make sure you remember that each time you place a bet in Age of the Gods Roulette, you are actually contributing to the progressive jackpot because a small percentage of all bets is added to the prize pools. Therefore, the house edge of this Playtech offering corresponds to that of the American variations of the game, with the double-zero on the wheel.

However, playing for the huge pot is well worth it since the Ultimate Power prize normally reaches the seven-figure mark. Overall, Age of the Gods Roulette is a great option for all fans of this classic casino game who insist on smooth-sailing gameplay, authenticity, and originality.

Age of the Gods Roulette
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