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American Roulette by Microgaming

If you can’t decide where to start on all the roulette games out there, Microgaming’s American Roulette is probably a good shot. Robust and neat experience, with no flashy animations or gimmicky mechanics, this game offers a solid performance that will be quite attractive to beginners and veterans alike.

Bets start from €1 and go up to €80, depending on which bet field you wager. The game has no extra features to speak of. There is, of course, the Expert Mode, which offers a great deal of customisable bet options for seasoned players. The stats pane is on the upper right hand corner and offers enough info for players to make informed bets. Clear, understandable and every bit as enjoyable as the brick-and-mortar game, American Roulette could keep you well entertained for a fair bit of time… and earn you some good coin.

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