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American Roulette by Playtech

Playtech again fails to disappoint, bringing us a superior roulette experience with its glorious American Roulette. The game has a slick and very pleasant visual style and amazing animations and graphics. It also offers a bunch of color schemes, a realistic or arcade view, while the wheel can be spun both ways, making for some of the most customisable visual options out there! Besides the very cool graphics options, the game has plenty and very useful gameplay options.

Bets range from €1 to €400 on the different bet options. There are a couple of cool betting features. First off, there’s the favourite bets system, which allows you to save up to 4 bets to be used at any time later! The game also features the Autoplay option, which is quite extensive. You can play up to 50 spins on your current bet, or you can set a bunch of rules for play and let the game do the winning, or losing, for you. The statistics window in the upper right hand corner allows player to track spin history, making for more informed betting decisions, and ultimately, higher win rates.

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