Multiplayer European Roulette

Multiplayer European Roulette

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multiplayer european rouletteMultiplayer European Roulette is an exciting roulette variant from Playtech which is perfect for social players who wish to diversify their gambling experience. In its essence, the game is pretty much the same as Playtech’s European Roulette since it uses the same rules and design. However, this variant greatly differs from it for one main reason – Multiplayer European Roulette gives you the chance to play with other players simultaneously with whom you can even chat. This makes the whole gaming process much more exciting and interesting because you are no longer playing an online blackjack game alone.

The table minimum per round in this version is €0.50 and the table maximum – €3,000. It should be noted that each type of bet has its own betting limits with which you should comply. You can choose from several chip denominations which range from €0.01 to €25. All of the chips are nicely made and have different colors so that you can recognize them easily. It is possible to take advantage of various bet types such as Tier, Voisins du Zero, and Orphelins which make the game suitable for advanced players.

Gaming Experience

This variant gives you the opportunity to get a very pleasant gambling experience thanks to its multiplayer format. It is possible for several players to join one virtual table at once to independently make predictions about the next lucky number on the wheel. This makes the whole gaming process a great deal of fun as you are no longer the only player in the game. If you opt for Multiplayer European Roulette, you will be able to play with other roulette enthusiasts and make friends from all over the world by using the chat feature.

It is possible to see the amount that the rest of the players on the table bet as well as the number on which they have decided to wager each spin. The vivid graphics in this version are so incredible that they make the wheel extremely authentic. Its great animations are another aspect that deserves mentioning since they further contribute to the overall visual appeal of the game.

Specific Features

The main feature in Multiplayer European Roulette is the chat functionality which is the thing that makes the game more entertaining and exciting. It is possible to talk to the rest of the players who have happened to join the same virtual table as you by using the chat bar. In order to send a message, you should simply type your message and click on the ‘Send’ button located at the corner of the bar. It is worth noting that all of the players in the game will be able to see the chat dialogue, regardless of whether or not they participate in the conversation.

It is possible to use the chat at any time you wish, although most players write their messages between the rounds, in particular, after the ball has landed so that they can focus on their bets. Besides the chat functionality, the game also offers other features which enable you to customize the gaming process according to your personal preferences. In addition, you can view all of the previous outcomes in the game by using the History feature.


Multiplayer European Roulette is an exciting variant which gives you the chance to get a high level of entertainment and win some cash in the meantime. The game has a fairly low house edge of 2.70% which is very beneficial, especially if you compare this version to American Roulette. The latter has a house edge that goes as high as 5.26% which highly favors the casinos. Playing Multiplayer European Roulette is basically playing European Roulette in which you share the table with other casino enthusiasts. It is possible to chat with all of the players on the table which makes the game very interactive.

However, the social aspect of this version is far from being the only impressive thing about it. The game also has impeccable graphics and animations which make it visually appealing. This variant is suitable for all types of players, regardless of their betting style and personal preferences, since it offers a wide range of bets.

Multiplayer European Roulette
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