Multiplayer French Roulette

Multiplayer French Roulette

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multiplayer french rouletteRoulette fans who have transferred from landbased to online casinos frequently complain that the virtual version of the classic game is lacking in one very important aspect, namely the interaction with other people at the table. The software developers at Playtech had this issue fixed by adding Multiplayer French Roulette to the company’s extensive table games collection.

This version of the classic game is similar to other Playtech roulette variations except for the fact that it enhances interactivity by adding a human element to the mix. This Playtech offering can accommodate up to four players, allowing them to join the virtual roulette table at the same time, make bets, and chat with one another. It generally feels like you have joined the roulette tables in Las Vegas, only you are not required to comply with a specific dress code and are playing from the comfort of your own surroundings.

Apart from the live chat facility, Multiplayer French Roulette has plenty of other positives to offer, including easy-to-navigate interface, spectacular graphics, authentic audio effects, and various features which make it possible for players to tailor the game in accordance with their individual preferences.

Gaming Experience

Roulette fans will be greatly impressed with the quality of the gaming experience, offered by Playtech’s Multiplayer French Roulette as the game is equipped with authentic visuals and sound effects that would make you feel as if you are sitting in a real casino.

The game is played on a single-zero wheel, containing only 37 pockets which reduces the house edge to 2.70%. Since this is a French variation of this casino classic, the layout is also in French but this should not bother you – if you have ever engaged in roulette, you already have a pretty decent idea of how to play.

The multiplayer version of French Roulette allows players to make inside, outside, neighbor and announce bets. You first join the multiplayer table as a spectator where you can observe other participants’ playing and chatting, but you will be unable to make bets yourself. Take note that spectators are allowed to stay at the virtual table for a limited period of time only, usually several betting rounds. But if you wish, you can take part in the action by clicking on the Join button, provided that there is an open seat.

What further improves the quality of one’s gaming experience is the ability to interact with fellow players. This is possible thanks to the chat window incorporated into this variation of French Roulette. The chat functionality also comes with a comprehensive range of emoticons for players to use, which further adds to the game’s interactivity.

Specific Features

The table in Multiplayer French Roulette consists of two parts – the layout where players place their chips and the single-zero wheel. Since this variation employs the French style of the table layout, the wheel consists of 36 alternating red and black pockets as well as a single green pocket, containing the zero. The wheel’s direction of rotation is also customizable.

The game offers a variety of great features that help players tailor their gameplay according to their personal taste. For example, you can choose between several different colors of the felt if green is not your cup of tea. There is also the option to save up to four sets of your favorite bets which would enable you to conveniently place them with a single click of the button.

Additionally, more advanced fans of the game will benefit from the History and Statistics features, incorporated into Multiplayer French Roulette. The results of previous spins are displayed in the History panel but there is also an indicator of the table coverage which shows you what percentage of the single-zero wheel you have covered with your current wager. The distribution of previous black, red and zero results is readily available in the Statistics section.


Playtech’s Multiplayer French Roulette is a great alternative for all fans of this casino classic who are longing for a more social and interactive game of roulette. This variation resembles the software suppliers’ standard version of French Roulette as both share the same features, at least for the most part. Players will benefit from the History and Statistics functionalities which are especially helpful to those who tend to incorporate strategies during their betting sessions.

Multiplayer French Roulette is extremely well designed in terms of visuals and audio effects, transferring players to the laid-back atmosphere typical for the roulette tables on landbased casino floors. Additionally, the developers at Playtech have ensured roulette fans can tailor the gameplay to their personal needs and preferences by saving their favorite bets or modifying the table layout’s color. Above all, there is a chat functionality that facilitates the interaction between those who occupy a seat at the virtual table which makes for a more engaging and social betting experience.

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