Multiwheel Roulette

Multiwheel Roulette

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Multiwheel RouletteRoulette is a fairly simple casino game as players are incapable of influencing the outcome – the ball is tossed on the spinning wheel, then it settles in one of the pockets, and winners are paid out in accordance with the type of bets they have placed. This process tends to get a bit repetitive over time, which is why many major software developers are looking for new ways to spice up this centuries-old game.

What better way to give extra flair to roulette than add a few more wheels players can bet at. This is precisely what software supplier Playtech has done with its rendition of Multiwheel Roulette where casino fans can bet on up to six wheels at the same time. This version of the classic game impresses with sophisticated design, great depth of the visuals, and intuitive interface. There is a nice range of great features, allowing players to customize the game according to their individual needs and style of play. So if you are looking for more action and winning opportunities, Playtech’s Multiwheel Roulette may be just the game for you.

Gaming Experience

Multiwheel Roulette offers a dynamic and authentic gaming experience to roulette connoisseurs who decide to give it a try. The game comes with a lower house edge of 2.70% since it utilizes the single-zero wheel format. The six wheels are positioned in the upper half of the game’s screen while the table layout is located directly below them. Multiwheel Roulette supports the standard range of inside and outside bets, but it is also possible to make call bets that cover greater sections of the wheels like Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zero. The button you activate the racetrack with is positioned immediately below the sixth wheel.

When the game first loads, all wheels are automatically activated and you begin by choosing the wheels you wish to bet on. If you are not interested in playing on all six wheels, you can deactivate some of them. Bear in mind that each wheel is treated separately and requires an individual bet which is to say players must invest more of their funds on each spin.

Therefore, each bet needs to be multiplied by the number of wheels one is playing. To use an example, if you bet $10 and activate all six wheels, your overall wager per round would be $60. The amount you have won along with the winning numbers are displayed next to each of the activated wheels. After each round, there is the option to clear the previous bets to make different ones, double the amount you have wagered on the last spin, or rebet the same amount on the same numbers.

The great thing about Multiwheel Roulette is that it increases your chances of collecting a higher payout on low coverage bets as your chances of hitting single numbers are practically multiplied by six.

Specific Features

The software developers at Playtech have incorporated a comprehensive range of features to help players customize the game in accordance with their personal preferences. This variation features statistics which are especially useful to those who like to incorporate specific betting strategies into their gameplay. If you wager on certain combinations of numbers more frequently, there is the option to save up to four favorite bets of yours. There is also a very useful history functionality – the outcomes of the last five spins are displayed next to each wheel.

Playtech’s Multiwheel Roulette also supports advanced bets like the so-called Final bets. The settings for these wagers are accessed by clicking on the “More Bets” button, located in the right lower corner of the screen. There is the option to make Complete and Half-Complete bets when you access the More Bets menu.

The speed of the game can be adjusted from the settings icon, located at the upper right corner of the screen. In Fast Play mode, the wheels’ speed of rotation increases. The audio is also modifiable as players are presented with the option to turn off the dealer’s voice as well as the background sounds if they consider them distractive. There are several felt colors for the table’s layout you can pick from, including red, blue and green.


Multiwheel Roulette by Playtech is a great alternative for all fans of the game looking for more winning opportunities and a more dynamic gameplay. This variation is also considered a suitable option for players who have adopted specific strategies which involve repeatedly betting on individual numbers for a given number of spins.

Some roulette connoisseurs may consider this version of the game more costly, because it requires separate bets to be made on all active wheels. However, this is not such a great drawback because players can choose to deactivate some of the wheels if they are uncomfortable with betting on all six. Also, Multiwheel Roulette comes with a broad range of betting options to accommodate the needs of players with different bankrolls.

The game is quite impressive in terms of visual presentation as a lot of attention has been paid to all details, no matter how small. The immersive audio effects further enhance one’s experience as they recreate the sophisticated ambiance of brick-and-mortar casino floors. All in all, Multiwheel Roulette poses as a great alternative for more advanced players who are looking to experience six times more action, fun, and winning opportunities.

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