NewAR Roulette

NewAR Roulette

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NewAR RouletteNewAR Roulette is a roulette game developed by Playtech that brings some interesting aspects to the intrinsic genre.

Playtech’s titles are well known in the online casino industry for their high quality and immense entertainment value and NewAR is no different.

It comes with all of the experience and expertise that the software provider has acquired over the last two decades and it ranks among the best virtual games that you will find on the Internet.

Gaming Experience

NewAR allows players the chance at an excellent gambling experience. Visually, this game is no worse than any other of Playtech’s offerings. It comes with high resolution and detailed graphics, that makes the game come to life. You will be presented with a nicely rendered roulette table, that features the wheel and all possible betting options. The game uses the European and French wheel, that comes with 37 total pockets – 36 that are equal parts red and black, and one for the single zero that is green. The number’s grid houses all of the Inside and Outside bets, while the racetrack allows you to place call bets at the click of a button.

Placing your cursor anywhere on the grid will highlight what you are placing a bet on. The betting limits are perfect for both casual players and high rollers, though they alternate between the different bets. Suffice to say, they are broad enough to satisfy every kind of player. Overall, Playtech has done a tremendous job in creating this game. It is a faithful adaptation of the original game, while also incorporating some new elements that will no doubt draw attention.

Specific Features

NewAR Roulette distinguishes itself from other similar games by bringing two new betting options into the fold. These are located among the Outside bets and allow you to bet on red or black and odd or even simultaneously. One bet is placed on the even numbers 12, 14, 16, 18, 30, 32, 34, and 36, which are all red in color, and additionally, on the zero. The other is a bet on the odd numbers 11, 13, 15, 17, 29, 31, 33, and 35, which are all black, and the zero. These bets change the nature of the game somewhat and introduce a new dynamic. Whenever you win one of these bets you will be awarded a 3:1 payout, unless the ball lands on the zero, in which case the payout is 2:1. These bets come with a higher house edge than the average ones at 3.6% for any number, with the exception of the 0, which comes with a massive 36%. This might make these bets unlikeable and unprofitable. The 3.6% house edge is nothing too bad, but the 36% is completely unbearable. You would have a better time placing call bets than these new ones.


Overall, NewAR is a standard European Roulette game that comes with two extra bets. As we have commented above, these new additions do no really enhance the experience, but rather they take away from it. You would be much better off ignoring them entirely unless you like them for some reason. When you set aside the extra bets, you are left with a game that closely resembles Premium European Roulette, another title by Playtech. The experiences that both of them offer are almost identical. When all is said and done, NewAR is another roulette game that just happens to have two new unprofitable bets.

NewAR Roulette
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