Penny Roulette

Penny Roulette

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penny roulettePenny Roulette is an interesting roulette variant which was developed by Playtech. As you can easily gather from its rather transparent name, this variation has been specially designed for the players who are on a tight budget. This low stakes game is also suitable for those of you who wish to try a new betting system or to just have fun with almost no risk involved. Because of its extraordinary betting options, the game has gained quite a lot of popularity among players the world over. This is the reason why you will be able to find it in a number of reputable online casinos that cooperate with this software provider.

The name of the version comes from the fact that the lowest bet you can place per spin is one penny. This means that if you wish to wager the minimum possible amount, you can significantly prolong your gambling session and make your bankroll last for hours. The maximum bet you can put per spin is €250. However, it should be noted that each bet group has its own table limits. The theoretical RTP percentage in this version is 97.30%.

Gaming Experience

Penny Roulette is a minimum risk casino game which certainly makes it worth your while. By playing this variant, you will be able to get a high level of entertainment without damaging your bankroll. The game gives you the chance to bet as little as one penny per spin which makes it the best option for novice players. Its great animations and impeccable graphics are the reason why it is so visually appealing and realistic.

Nowadays, there are a number of betting systems that are applicable to roulette such as D’Alembert, Parlay, Labouchere, and Martingale. For those of you who are willing to try such a system, Penny Roulette is the perfect game since it gives you the chance to do so without paying dearly for any mistakes that you are bound to make in the process of learning. All in all, by playing this variant, you can expect nothing but entertainment since the game has what it takes to keep your attention for hours on end.

Specific Features

Another great thing about Penny Roulette is that it is packed with features which ease the gaming process significantly and make it customized. One of them is the ‘Color’ button which enables you to change the color of the roulette table according to your personal preferences. There is also a ‘View’ button which gives you the chance to alter the angle of the table so that you can observe the rotation of the ball in the most suitable way for you. By using the ‘Spin’ button, you can change the direction of the ball or in other words, you can choose between a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction.

The game also contains a racetrack thanks to which you can place announce bets such as Neighbors, Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero. Another very convenient feature is the Favorite Bets one which enables you to save the sets of bets which you use the most. Once you list them as favorites, you will be able to place them with a single click of the mouse which will save you a significant amount of time. Penny Roulette also offers an Autoplay feature which has two modes – advanced and simple.


Penny Roulette is a low-stake version which has the same odds as the classic game. What makes this variant special is the fact that it gives players the chance to place exceptionally low bets, in particular, as low as one penny. This makes the game suitable for novice players or players who are on a tight budget since it contains almost no risk, providing that you stick to the minimum amount that can be wagered per spin.

Moreover, this version is one of the most beneficial games on the Internet because of the fact that it contains only one green zero pocket which greatly alters the house edge in your favor. It has a lot of game features which make the gaming process especially convenient and easy to perform. Also, the various betting options you have in Penny Roulette enable you to choose the bet that suits your personal preferences the most.

Penny Roulette
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