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Pinball Roulette

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pinball rouletteThe majority of online roulette variations share rather identical rules, bet types, and gameplay, which sometimes causes long-time fans of the Devil’s wheel to grow bored and lose interest in the game. To prevent this, major software suppliers like Playtech have started experimenting with more unconventional variations, such as Pinball Roulette. The latter poses as an original combination between the iconic casino staple and the game of pinball we are all familiar with.

The key difference is there is actually no roulette wheel here. The outcome is determined by a small ball placed inside a virtual pinball cabinet. Other than that, this bespoke Playtech offering is based on the standard European variant of roulette since the table layout features only one green betting box, containing the single zero, which translates into a lower house edge. The game also comes with another original feature that is unlocked after winning rounds. Similarly to some slots and video poker, Pinball Roulette has a Gamble functionality which provides players with the opportunity to collect up to 10 times their original stake.

Gaming Experience

Pinball Roulette is a fantastic alternative for players who wish to try out something fresh after playing the standard variation of this game of chance for prolonged periods of time. This version borrows most of its rules from the classic European variant – the goal of the players is to predict which colored pocket the pinball will land on. The types of bets you can make largely coincide with those in the classic variant as there is the option to bet on individual numbers, series of numbers or their properties. Neighbor bets are also an option.

The base-game screen contains the European layout, with its two main sections where inside and outside bets are made. You place your chips in your preferred betting box just as you would normally do in the standard game. Then you click on the Bet button and are taken to what looks like a virtual pinball cabinet. The small ball is discharged into a field with numerous pins and bumpers.

The outcome of your bet is determined after the ball settles into one of the moving pockets, located at the very bottom of the virtual pinball machine. The payouts on winning bets coincide with those in the traditional version of the game. If you win, you can either collect your profits immediately or attempt to increase them by taking advantage of the Gamble functionality.

Specific Features

Pinball Roulette impresses with a very original gameplay but for the most part, its other features coincide with those of regular roulette games developed by Playtech. The game controls are mostly the same. There is a button allowing you to repeat the same bet with a single click. The Turbo Bet button, on the other hand, allows you to play at a faster pace because the outcome is instantly displayed on the screen.

Players can also track the results on recent rounds thanks to the History feature where you can see up to 19 numbers that have previously hit. Keep in mind that this information is available only when you play for actual money – you will not find it in Practice Mode.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting features of Pinball Roulette is the Gamble functionality which gets activated after each winning round. However, instead of having to guess the color of a playing card’s suit, you are required to play a side game of pinball. When you choose to gamble your winnings on the last round, the ball is discharged into the pinball cabinet once again and needs to hit the bumpers containing various multipliers before it lands into a wider slot in the middle of the field. Players who decide to give the Gamble feature a try can win up to 10 times their original wager or lose everything they have won on the last round.


As you can see yourself, Pinball Roulette is one of the most original variations of the iconic game of chance to ever come into existence. This version of roulette will surely pique the interest of all casino players looking for something fresh and unconventional. The combination of the European layout and the pinball machine works surprisingly well. Players are guaranteed to enjoy themselves to the fullest as they watch the tiny ball working its way through all the pins and bumpers to determine the winning number.

The Gamble functionality adds further flair to this Playtech offering and provides players with a chance to boost their profits on winning rounds. On the downside, it certainly would have been nice to be able to control the pinball yourself by using the paddles of the machines as this would have added some element of skill to the game. Yet, we are sure casino enthusiasts can live with that since roulette is a game of chance, after all.

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