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Premiere Roulette

Microgaming brings us a quality video take on the European variant of the classical brick-and-mortar casino feature with its Premiere Roulette. The game has captivating, though not intrusive or excessively flashy graphics. More importantly, it has a very rich array of options. You can choose to have you win details displayed or not, play at normal speed or at turbo, have different table colors and more. A bunch of buttons complement player freedom, making for a very enjoyable experience.

Bets range from €0.25 to €1 000 across the various bet options. There is the Expert mode, which allows even more flexibility to the more experienced players. The neatly formatted statistics panel will let players grasp a plethora of information at a glance, offering further support. While not the richest in terms of features, Microgaming’s Premiere Roulette is a great starting point for beginner roulette enthusiasts and a solid presence in any online casino’s portfolio.

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