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Roulette Scratch

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roulette scratchCasino fans who are fond of the game of roulette but are looking for something fresh and less demanding should definitely try out the bespoke Playtech creation that is Roulette Scratch. This is a weird offering, to say the least, as it poses as a combination between the classic game of chance and the instant-win lottery games, sold at kiosks and shops the world over.

Roulette Scratch is a very suitable alternative for players who lack an in-depth understanding of how roulette is played – while both games are based solely on chance, the scratchcard rendition does not require you to deal with numerous bet types, their payouts, or strategies for various number combinations. It merely makes it possible for players to scratch their way to a huge payout.

On the positive, Roulette Scratch is indeed suitable for gambling enthusiasts from all persuasions since it offers very broad betting limits that range anywhere from $0.10 to the impressive $100 for a ticket. Do not be mislead by the fact this is actually a scratchcard and not a table game. Despite that, Roulette Scratch comes with several useful features and offers a huge top payout of 10,000 times the initial bet.

Gaming Experience

We cannot really speak about an actual gameplay as such since this is a simple scratchcard that borrows its theme from the wheel-based casino classic. Of course, the game is well crafted, with crisp visuals and easy-to-navigate interface which is hardly a surprise, considering it comes directly from the catalog of leading supplier of premier casino games Playtech.

The left section of the game’s screen is occupied by a roulette wheel with the European layout, containing only one green zero pocket. To the right, there is a scratchcard ticket with three columns. The first column contains five separate games, the second contains five random numbers from 0 to 36 and in the third one, you can see the different prizes corresponding to the numbers for each game.

Play starts with the player selecting the amount they wish to bet. Afterwards, you simply need to click on the scratch sections to reveal the five numbers there. At this point, the numbers on the wheel are not visible so one needs to scratch it as well to reveal the 37 numbered pockets. The objective of Roulette Scratch is beyond simple as players are awarded a cash prize whenever one or more of their lucky numbers coincide with the number the roulette ball is on. The amount you collect, if lucky, corresponds to that listed next to the winning number in the table.

Specific Features

Some people would be falsely led to believe Roulette Scratch lacks in the features department because it is all that simple to play. But this is actually not the case. Software developers have incorporated several interesting features into the game to render players’ experience more engaging and allow for some degree of interaction.

For starters, this Playtech offering aims at furthering players’ convenience as becomes evident by the addition of the Scratch All button. This saves you some time as it enables you to automatically scratch everything there is to scratch on the card, the wheel and each of the five games.

Similarly to slots and some roulette variants from Playtech’s catalog, Roulette Scratch has an Autoplay functionality that enables players to go through as many as 99 tickets without any interruption. This is a very useful feature if you are looking for a greater dynamics or are simply tired of hitting the Play button. The number of tickets to scratch in Autoplay Mode is altered with the buttons that read “+” and “-”.

One feature of greater interest is the Shuffle. If you are feeling both Lady Luck and the wheel are against you, you are granted the option to click the Shuffle button up to three times. After each shuffle, your ticket will be changed with a new one which hopefully would bring you more luck.


Roulette Scratch is a great option for those of you who prefer instant-win games where no particular set of skills or knowledge are required in order to win. The only “quality”, for lack of a better word, needed here is luck. Players are given five chances at scoring a win per each ticket they bet on, which are still quite decent odds for a scratchcard.

Actually, the fact this is not a skill-based game only works to the advantage of players since otherwise, they would have been required to resort to optimal strategy to obtain the full value of the game’s theoretical return percentage. Any playing mistakes would have resulted in a drop in returns over the long run.

Overall, Roulette Scratch is a rather interesting take on the classic casino game which also boasts some handy features to further convenience and optimize gameplay. Besides, an average long-term return of 95.00% is not too shabby for a scratchcard which is yet another reason to give Roulette Scratch a try.

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