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7 Oceans

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7 oceans slot7 Oceans is a classic slot game created by Microgaming.

This game is as classical as it gets; it features 3 reels and only a single payline in the middle.

The slot is designed on a 3×3 grid and only the middle line is considered a valid payline. The game allows you to bet up to 3 coins per spin, with the value of the coin varying between 0.25 and 5.00.

Special Symbols

This slot game is quite basic and as such it does not feature any special symbols. There are no Wild, Scatter, or Bonus symbols that can have an effect on the gameplay, only the standard type. The symbols included are quite simple – a single bar, a double bar, a triple bar, a blue Seven, and a 7-Oceans Seven symbol.

The lack of Special symbols might make the game boring for some players, but then again, if you have come seeking overly fancy features in a classic slot, you are looking in the wrong place.

7 Oceans Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coins 3rd Coins
Blank line 3 6
3x Any Bar 9 18
3x Single Bar 15 30
3x Double Bar 30 60
3x Triple Bar 45 90
3x Any Seven symbol 500
3x Blue Seven symbol 1000
3x 7-Oceans Seven symbol 4000

Bonus Rounds and Features

In a game as simple as this one you can hardly expect there to be any bonus rounds and you would be correct in that assumption. There are no bonus rounds, no free spins to be won, nor any winnings multipliers to be applied. However, 7 Oceans does feature a Jackpot that can be won by hitting 3 red Seven symbols. You can qualify for this by wagering 3 coins per spin.

Depending on how many coins you bet, you will be eligible for different winning combinations and payouts. When you bet two coins per spin you will receive double the payouts. However, betting 3 coins will make you eligible to win from combinations of the Seven symbols.


7 Oceans is a classic slot game and those have mostly been pushed out of the market by more technologically advanced and unique titles. 7 Oceans cannot hope to compare against other modern slot games unless you seek to relive the glory days of fruit machines. This game is clearly targeted at a player demographic that is nostalgic about the past and wishes to play something from days gone by.

If that is what you are looking for then you have found the perfect game, but if you have grown accustomed to modern iterations of the genre and are seeking something of that caliber, this is unfortunately not it. We would like to conclude, that despite all of that, 7 Oceans is a well-crafted game that runs flawlessly, has a seemingly good payout percentage, and can certainly bring you many hours of entertainment if 3-reel slots are your thing.

7 Oceans
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