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Age of Gods

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age of gods slotA Playtech creation, Age of Gods is the first in a long series of games. Fans of Ancient Greece will immediately love this game since it features some of the most renowned Greek Gods. This is a slot game that features 5 reels with 25 paylines, as well as a progressive jackpot. Bets can be placed on each of the paylines, with up to 1 coin per line. The size of the coins can be adjusted, starting at 0.1 and going up to 25 per coin. The game is full of features and is considered to be one of the best games to ever be created by Playtech.

Special Symbols

Much like any other slots game, there are also symbols in this one and getting several of them on a single payline will result in you winning a pretty penny. There are three symbol categories in total; these are the High Paying Symbols, the Low Paying Symbols, and the Specials. The Low Paying Symbols consist of several Greek letters, a Hoplite Helm, and two lower Gods. The High Paying Symbols include the more popular Gods from the pantheon; these are, in ascending order, Hercules, Poseidon and Zeus, as well as Athena. The Special symbols refer to the Wild and Scatter ones. The Wild symbol is a ‘WILD’ sign surrounded by laurels. It can substitute for any missing symbol in a combination. The Scatter symbol is represented by an ‘Age of the Gods Scatter’ sign, which will trigger the Bonus Round whenever you hit three or more Scatters on a single spin.

Age of Gods Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Q 0 12 50 150
K 0 12 50 150
A 0 12 50 150
The Hoplite Helm 0 20 75 250
Two Lower Gods 0 25 100 300
Hercules 0 30 125 400
Poseidon and Zeus 0 40 150 500
Athena 0 60 250 1000
Scatter 0 3 10 100
Wild 50 400 3000 10000

Bonus Games and Features

Age of the Gods allows for much more combinations than most other slots titles. These can be triggered by meeting certain conditions during your play sessions. For starters, getting Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules, and Metis in a sequence on any payline will reward you with 200 times increase on your bet. The Bonus round can be especially rewarding if you are lucky enough to receive 3 Scatter symbols on a single spin. When this occurs, you will be taken to a different screen where 20 coins will be presented to you. Clicking on a coin will reveal a certain God and matching 3 coins of the same God will start a Free Game, each different depending on which of four gods you managed to match.

The Athena Free Game is triggered by matching 3 Athena coins during the Bonus round. During an Athena Free Game, you will be rewarded with a winning multiplier between 2 and 5 times for each spin. You will have 9 spins in total. Hitting 3 Scatters during any Free Game will not trigger an additional Bonus round.

A Zeus Free Game is triggered by matching 3 Zeus coins during the Bonus Round. When you start a Zeus Free Game a multiplier of 1 time is applied, that increases by 1 once every 3 spins. During the Zeus Free Game, a Wild Symbol will be fixed in the middle spot on the third reel. You have 9 Free Spins in total during the Zeus Free Game.

A Poseidon Free Game is started when you match 3 Poseidon coins during the Bonus Round. During this stage, you will have 9 Free Spins and Poseidon can strike up to 5 symbols per spin, turning them into Wild Symbols.

A Hercules Free Game is the fourth and final game that can be triggered during the Bonus Round. For this Free Game, Hercules occupies the third reel entirely serving as a Wild Symbol. You will have 9 Free Spins during this Free stage.

Additionally, there is also the progressive jackpot that awaits you. On any bet, regardless of its size, win or loss, can trigger the jackpot round. This will take you to a different screen. There you will be presented with a 5×4 grid. In each spot there will be a coin, 20 in total. Clicking on a coin will reveal to which jackpot it belongs to. Once you have revealed enough coins from a particular jackpot, it is yours. It should be noted that the bigger the jackpot is, the more coins it will require.


Overall, Age of the Gods is an amazing progressive slot. It offers you a lot of variety in gameplay, as well as the chance to win a massive jackpot. It is small wonder that this game has become a fan favorite or the fact that half a dozen more have spawned from it. The theme suits it perfectly and you will have many hours of fun and excitement playing Age of the Gods.

Age of Gods
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