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Avalon II

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Avalon II slotAvalon II is a 5-reel slot game that runs on the Microgaming platform and it is the second iteration in the fan-favorite Avalon series.

The game does not feature traditional paylines and instead gives you 243 ways to win. As you can probably guess, Avalon II adapts the old Arthurian legends into one of the best slot games that Microgaming has ever come out with. It is packed with features and allows for a wide range of betting limits, which will no doubt please both casuals and high rollers.

Special Symbols

In Avallon II there is a plethora of symbols, some of which depict various characters from the Arthurian legends. These can generally be classified into three distinct categories – Low Paying, High Paying, and Special. The Low Paying category does not include anything out of the ordinary, as it is made up of the high card symbols found in some many other slot games. These range from Nine to Ace.

The symbols in the High Paying category portray various characters featured in the old stories. These are in ascending order according to payout – The Black Knight, Morgan, Guinevere, Merlin, and Arthur.

The Special symbols have predetermined interactions in the game and will affect it in a way that is beneficial to you. There are the Wild, Bonus, and the Expanding Wild. The Wild is represented by the Avalon II logo and it can substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the Bonus and the Expanding Wild. The Expanding Wild serves the same role of the Wild but comes in the form of The Lady of the Lake. Whenever this symbol lands on the third reel it will expand to cover all three slots of it. The Bonus depicts the Grail and whenever you land 3 of them anywhere on the reels it will trigger the Bonus rounds.

Avalon II Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
9 0 1 2.50 15
10 0 1 2.50 15
J 0 1.50 3.75 20
Q 0 1.50 3.75 20
K 0 2 7.50 25
A 0 2 7.50 25
Black Knight 0 2.50 15 50
Morgan 0 3.75 15 100
Guinevere 0 5 20 150
Merlin 0.50 7.50 25 200
Arthur 0.50 10 37.50 250
Avalon II Logo 1.25 25 125 500
Grail 7.50 37.50 150 750

Bonus Rounds and Features

Avalon II features more bonus rounds than the majority of slots found in any online casino, more specifically 8 in total. These are triggered whenever 3 Grail symbols appear on the reels as a result of a single spin. The bonus rounds come in succession, allowing you to experience the journey of Arthur.

The first bonus round is the Lake of Legend where you will have to reforge the sword Excalibur by rolling a dice. Depending on what you roll you will add a shattered piece of Excalibur and if you roll the right numbers you will forge the legendary sword and receive a massive payout.

The Misty Vale is the second bonus round that follows the Lake of Legend. Here you will be awarded 15 Free Spins and get to choose an extra Wild symbol from the High Paying category. Whenever this Wild appears in a combination it will double the winnings from it.

The Whispering Woods come next, where you will be presented with 5 Shields by the Mystical White Knight. You will have to choose one of them and your reward will depend entirely on your choice.

After the Whispering Woods, you will travel to the Forest Falls, where you will be awarded 20 Free Spins. The interesting thing about this round are the Trailing Wilds, which create a trail of Wilds as they slide down the reels.

After the Whispering Woods, the Dusky Moors await you. Here you will get to match two of the same helms to win a prize. Whenever you reveal a helm that does not match with another, you will be granted a winnings multiplier up to 8 times.

Travelling to Morgan’s Keep will reward you with 20 Free Spins that feature Rolling Reels. The Rolling Reels can award multiple consecutive wins, which in turn increase the multiplier value up to 6 times.

The Hall of Shadows is your next destination. Here you will fight The Black Knight to recover the Grail. Every time you strike him you will be a prize, the size of which is determined by the strike or the block.

The last step in your journey is the Isle of Avalon where you will get to spin the Wheels of Avalon. Whenever you stop the most-inner wheel on the 0 (zero) slot you will unlock the Bonus Wheel that will award you even greater prizes. Additionally, a multiplier will be applied depending on how the wheels spin.

One feature outside of the bonus rounds is the appearance of Merlin, who will sometimes come out on your screen to reward you with cash prizes and multipliers.


Avalon II is without a doubt one of the best slots ever to appear on the market. Rarely do we have the pleasure of playing a game that comes with so many features. The bonus rounds are really something special and will take you on a journey like no other slot can. The graphics and artwork are also commendable as they make the experience all the more memorable. On top of that, Avalon II comes with an excellent return-to-player percentage of 97%. When all of this is taken into account, we can easily say that Avalon II is one of the best titles that you can ever hope play and we cannot recommend it enough.

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