Batman and the Penguin Prize Slot

Batman and the Penguin Prize

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batman and the penguin prizeBatman and the Penguin Prize is part of Playtech’s fan-favorite Batman series of progressive slots. As the name implies, this game features a theme taken directly from the 1960’s American live-action Batman television show. Unlike the modern gritty iterations of this comic book characters, the TV show was fun and quirky and it lends itself quite well to the slot genre. The game comes with 3 reels and 64 ways to win. It truth Batman and the Penguin Prize is much more simplistic than many of the other slots currently on the market but still, manages to surpass them in terms of entertainment and win value. There are several other Batman games created by Playtech, all of which feature a progressive jackpot pooled together from all of them. The Batman series has become very popular with players everywhere and it is a commonly featured at many Playtech online casinos.

Special Symbols

Since the game takes its theme from the Batman TV show it stands to reason that the symbols would also be in the same style. There are three types of symbols – the High Pay Symbols, the Low Paying Symbols, and the Wild Symbol. The Low Paying Symbols represent various items seen through the TV series. They are, in order of ascending value, – a Batarang, a Bust, Penguin’s Umbrella and his Top Hat. The High Paying Symbols represent important characters from the show. These are, in ascending order, Alfred Pennyworth, Robin, the Penguin, and Batman. The Batman logo serves as the Wild Symbol in the game and it can substitute for any other missing symbol that would have made a combination if it were otherwise present.

Batman and the Penguin Prize Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Six on a payline
The Batarang 0 3 10 20
The Bust 0 3 10 20
Penguin’s Umbrella 0 3 15 30
Penguin’s Top Hat 0 3 15 30
Alfred Pennyworth 0 7 20 40
Robin 0 10 25 50
The Penguin 0 12 35 70
Batman 5 15 50 100

Bonus Rounds and Features

Batman and the Penguin Prize goes into a bonus round whenever you score a win. This round is called the Penguin Respin and it takes place on three other separate reels. The second set of reels features stacked High Paying Symbols and scoring a win with the Penguin Symbol will trigger an additional Penguin Respin. When you trigger a second Penguin Respin the two sets of reels will merge together and the High Paying Symbols will become large, taking the form of 2×2 slots instead of the usual 1×1. Any win during the second Penguin Respin will trigger a third Penguin Respin where the High Paying Symbols will become even larger taking 3×3 slots.

There is also the chance to trigger the Jackpot game with any spin, regardless of bet size or win or loss. It is triggered entirely at random so any spin will do. On the Jackpot game, you will have the chance to win 1 of 4 different jackpots. There will be 20 jackpot icons and clicking on one will reveal to which jackpot it belongs to. To win a jackpot you will be required to collect a certain number of icons corresponding to that jackpot. The higher the size of the jackpot, the more icons you will need to collect. As soon as you have gathered enough icons for a jackpot, this game will be finished and you will return to the main screen.


Overall, Batman and the Penguin Prize is an excellent addition to any online casino
. Playtech has made great use of the license, crafting an excellent series of games for Batman fans. This one, in particular, will bring you many hours of entertainment with the chance to win a good amount of money. You can reasonably expect to score a win every other spin, which is much better than most other games will provide. This is a fun and entertaining game that rightfully deserves your attention.

Batman and the Penguin Prize
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