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Beautiful Bones

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beautiful bones slotBeautiful Bones is a slot game created by Microgaming that focuses on the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead. The theme serves the game very well as the visuals inspired by it are nothing short of beautiful. The slot features 5 reels and 243 ways to win, in place of a more traditional payline system.

The game allows you to be up to 10 coins per spin, with the value of the coins being anywhere between 0.01 and 0.10. This makes the game more appealing to casuals as the minimum and maximum size of the bets are not so far apart.

Special Symbols

As the game features a Day of the Dead theme it is reasonable to expect for the symbols to be portrayed in a similar fashion. Beautiful Bones has three types of symbols, categorized so based on their payout ratios and interactions they have in the game. These are the Low Paying, High Paying, and Special symbols. The Low Paying group features high card symbols in beautiful fonts that match the theme perfectly. To win a payout you would need to line up 3 or more of the same symbol starting from the leftmost reel.

The High Paying symbols, on the other hand, are even more involved in the theme and depict various different people celebrating the Mexican holiday with face paint. Each symbol has a person, who is dressed up and has their face painted to resemble a skull. These symbols require 2 or more of the same type to form a combination. This makes it much easier than the previous category. Additionally, the three highest-paying can appear as stacked symbols on some reels.

Finally, we have the Special type which includes the Wild and Scatter symbols. The Scatter features incredibly detailed and somewhat morbidly pretty artwork of a skull surrounded by roses. The Wild symbol is represented by a heart with the word ‘Wild’ on it.

Beautiful Bones Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
9 0 15 30 100
10 0 15 30 100
J 0 15 45 120
Q 0 15 45 120
K 0 30 60 150
A 0 30 60 150
Blue Character 6 45 90 150
Green Character 6 45 90 150
Yellow Character 15 60 120 300
Orange Character 15 60 120 300
Red Character 15 60 120 300

Bonus Rounds and Features

One interesting feature that Beautiful Bones offers users is the Sugar Skull Meter. Whenever a Scatter lands on the first or fifth reel it will be added to the meter on the left side of the screen. Collecting 10 Sugar Skulls will win you 10 Free Spins with a 3 times winnings multiplier. You can choose to take them or progress further up the meter. Collecting 20 Sugar Skulls will allow you to claim 15 Free Spins with a 4 times multiplier, but if you choose to go on and collect 30 of them you will be rewarded with 18 Free Spins and a winnings multiplier of 5 times. This feature presents you with great value and with a fair bit of control over how you wish to proceed.

The Wild Spin Again Feature can be triggered whenever you line up 3 of the same symbol either horizontally or vertically. When this happens the reels will spin again and the symbol in the middle of the trio will serve as a Wild symbol for the upcoming spin.


Overall, Beautiful Bones is a fun game with beautiful visuals and a pleasing aesthetic. The theme of the game is very strong and will leave you with a lasting impression. It is without a doubt the strongest point of the game. With that being said, the other aspects of the game could stand to be improved. There are no bonus rounds, nor a progressive jackpot, two things that could really push Beautiful Bones to be top tier game. Despite its shortcomings, in some areas, the game does manage to hold it’s own and it is certainly commendable.

Beautiful Bones Slot
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