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Blackjack Bonanza

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blackjack bonanza slotBlackjack Bonanza is a classic slot, created by major software supplier Microgaming that offers a pretty straightforward gameplay across three reels and a single payline in the middle of the layout. Let us begin by warning you that this slot has absolutely nothing to do with blackjack in terms of rules – it merely borrows its name from the game of 21 since the top payer here is the symbol with the Jack of Spades. This high-ranking card has yet another important function in Blackjack Bonanza, namely that of a wild symbol.

The game is not so commonly spread across online casinos running on the Microgaming state-of-the-art platform but it definitely deserves to be given a try by spinners who insist on simplicity and prefer traditional slots over their more advanced action-packed cousins. Additionally, the broad betting range renders the game a suitable alternative for all budgets, no matter how restrictive they can be. The minimum amount you can bet on a single spin in Blackjack Bonanza is set to $0.25 if you bet only one coin while bets of three coins would require $0.75. Maximum wagers stand at $15.00 which only goes to show Blackjack Bonanza is suitable for the lower end of the bankroll spectrum.

Special Symbols

Since Blackjack Bonanza is a member of the so-called “classic slots” category, those who expect to see a wealth of symbols and flashy animations would be bitterly disappointed. However, this is not to say this slot completely lacks in special symbols as the Jack of Spades is, in fact, wild and it can replace all other symbols without any exceptions.

Apart from helping you to land a higher number of winning combinations across the three reels, the Jack of Spades also awards the top prize in Blackjack Bonanza, 4,000 credits for three-coin bets and three matches. This is what you get when the three Jacks of Spades land on the single payline. However, it is possible to collect 1,000 credits when you are staking the maximum number of coins and your three Jacks of Spades appear in any position on the reels on the same spin.

The remaining symbols Blackjack Bonanza utilizes are pretty much the standard icons one can expect from a classic one-arm bandit. We have the lucky sevens which are given an extra fizz with bow ties and can earn you up to 300 credits for three matches. The lower payouts are awarded by the usual suspects, the bar symbols. At the bottom of the paytable, you will find the smallest payouts of 2/4/6 coins for any one Jack of Spades.

Blackjack Bonanza Slot Paytable
Symbol One on a Payline Two on a Payline Three on a Payline
Any 1 2 4 6
Any 2 5 10 15
Any Bar 2 4 6
Bar 10 20 30
Two Bars 20 40 60
Three Bars 50 100 150
Lucky 7s 100 200 300
3x Jacks Any Position 200 500 1000
3x Jacks in a Line 1000 2500 4000

Bonus Games and Features

There is not much to be said about bonus games in Blackjack Bonanza since no such thing can be found here. Despite lacking severely in the bonus games department, this classic Microgaming slot is offering some useful, albeit traditional functionalities. Players can switch from Regular to Expert mode whenever they feel like using the Autoplay feature. This is very useful when one grows tired of hitting the Spin button after each rotation of the reels.

When you transition to Expert mode, you will see several other controls appearing in the base-game menu. There are two smaller buttons for 10x and 5x automatic spins but if you wish to play some more without any interruption, you need to click on the big Autoplay button. A separate menu will load for you to adjust your preferred number of Autoplay spins – the maximum that is allowed is 500 spins in a row. Make sure you take advantage of the Stop Settings and set a limit for yourself. The game allows you to quit Autoplay whenever your profits exceed or are equal to your chosen amount.

Apart from that, you can alter the denomination of the coins in play by repeatedly clicking on the “+” and “-” buttons. If you intend to play the maximum, it would be more convenient for you to hit Bet Max to stake three coins and give the reels a spin at the same time. The number of coins itself is adjusted by clicking the Bet One button one or more times.


Blackjack Bonanza is a simplified, old-school one-arm bandit, but this is not to say it does not deserve to be given a chance. In fact, this is a must for all reel enthusiasts who wish to return back to their roots and again taste the excitement of keeping their fingers crossed in hopes their three matching symbols will line up on the single payline.

This slot comes with a rather undemanding and simple interface so you can rest assured navigating through the game would be nothing but a five-finger exercise. In that line of reasoning, Blackjack Bonanza is just what you need if you are interested in giving the reels a spin for the very first time – you will hardly experience any issues with finding your way around this straightforward game.

The betting limits are quite reasonable and low enough for spinners from all walks of life to be able to afford. The visuals give out a classic, retro feel and some may consider them quite outdated. Yet, this is precisely where the source of this old-school slot’s charm comes from as it can truly transfer you back to the past when one-arm bandits ruled over casino floors across the world. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home by joining one of the Microgaming casinos Blackjack Bonanza is available at.

Blackjack Bonanza Slot
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