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Castle Builder

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castle builder slotMicrogaming’s Castle Builder is an extremely entertaining and interactive video slot with 5-reels and 15 pay lines which features an intricate storyline and unique gameplay. Players are tasked with not only spinning the reels but also with building castles in a beautiful Medieval world. And all this is awarded attractive cash prizes.

Castle Builder was developed in 2014 by Austrian gaming studio Rabcat and included in Microgaming’s portfolio, which allowed the game to be introduced to a large number of online casinos. It is one of the very few level-based slots where players receive various prizes for completing missions and various accomplishments. In Castle Builder, players embark on a journey where they need to build castles for three different kings. Each kingdom needs to have 10 castles and once a castle is built, the king’s daughter moves in and chooses a suitor. In order to collect the building materials for the building process, players need to spin the reels. There are royal weddings, achievements, and many other exciting features that make Castle Builder a unique combination of a slot and a video game.

The slot is played with a single coin per line and you can enable as many pay lines as you wish. Coin denominations range from 0.01 to 1.00 credits in your preferred currency and the maximum bet you can place is 15.00 credits per spin. In some currencies, coins are in sizes from 1 to 250.

Special Symbols

As a content-rich slot, Castle Builder features only themed symbols, including the low-value ones. They are playing cards from Ten to King and are represented as the king, the queen, the prince and the princess. In order to get a payout with them, you need at least two matching royal symbols to land on an active payline. Other icons that appear on the reels are a pouch of money, a jewellery box, a treasure chest, and a locked door. At least 3 matching symbols of this type are needed to form a winning combination.

The Wild symbol in the game is represented as the builder himself who substitutes for all basic symbols in combinations. The Wild also brings you a payout when you land 5 builder icons on an active payline.

The most important element in this innovative slot, however, is the building materials symbol which is used in the completion of the castles. If you receive 2 building symbols on an active payline, you will get a standard type of material, 3 building symbols give you a bronze material, and 4 elements of this type give you a silver material. You receive golden materials for landing 5 building symbols on an active line.

Castle Builder Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 2 3 5 10
J 3 5 10 50
Q 4 8 25 75
K 5 8 50 100
Pouch of Money 0 10 50 250
Jewellery Box 0 15 100 500
Treasure Chest 0 25 200 1000
Locked Door 0 200 2000 20000
Wild 0 0 0 20000

Bonus Games and Features

The main feature in Castle Builder is obviously the castle building process, driven by the collection of building materials. Each type of material (standard, bronze, silver and gold) gives you a different number of pieces for the castle, so the more noble building symbols you gather, the faster you will complete the construction and the higher the value of the castle will be. Once the castle on the left side of the screen is complete, the princess moves in and you need to help her choose a husband from 3 different suitors. Each of them gives you a cash prize, which is not revealed, however, until after the royal wedding.

Then, you move on to the next castle. There are three kingdoms – Forana, Ethril, and Ilrian, with 10 castles in each of them. As you build castles, you will progress in your ranking, starting from building worker and going through a master worker, a construction expert, an architect, and a castle builder. You will also receive achievement medals from the king. Each completed level is associated with different cash prizes and the higher you go up the mission ladder, the higher the prices will be.


Castle Builder is a creative video slot which is very intuitive and easy to play, despite the intricate storyline that the entire game is based on. It can be played with really low bets and with little or no experience at all with slots, so it is a good option even for novices. Experienced punters will also appreciate the interesting plot and the level-based structure of the game, paired with exceptional graphics and soundtrack that can compete with the quality of modern video games.

As the main goal in Castle Builder is to construct castles and progress to higher levels, it is essential to be able to collect as many building symbols as possible. This is why activating all 15 lines is recommended. This fantastic slot game can be found in many of the online casinos that offer Microgaming software.

Castle Builder Slot
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