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cat queen slotCat Queen is a popular 5-reel video slot game that features 40 paylines and an amazing Ancient Egyptian theme. When playing this game you will have an incredible experience with some of the most interesting gods from the Egyptian Pantheon. The visuals of Cat Queen are nothing short of excellent and the background music will keep you immersed for as long as you keep spinning the reels. The dark-and-gold color palette will truly make you feel as if you are in an Egyptian pyramid, with artifacts and various gods constantly appearing on your screen.

Special Symbols

When playing Cat Queen you are bound to notice the beautifully drawn symbols that shine on your screen. These will come in the form of items and artifacts often associated with Ancient Egypt, as well as in that of several gods. Much like other slot games, these come in three different varieties – High Paying, Low Paying, and Special Symbols. There are four unique Low Paying Symbols; these take the form of The Scarab, the bird Hieroglyph, Anubis – Ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife; and Maahes – an Ancient Egyptian god of war, with the head of a lion.

The High Paying Symbols consist of three unique ones, which are the Ankh, the Eye of Horus, and the Pharaoh Symbol. Apart from these two categories, there are also the Special Symbols, which is made up of two symbols. The Scatter Symbol is represented by a pyramid with the Eye of Hours on it. The Wild Symbol uses the image of Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of cats whom this game is named after. The Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol, except the Scatter, to form a combination.

Cat Queen Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Anubis and Maahes 0 5 15 100
The Scarab and the Bird Hieroglyph 0 5 15 100
The Ankh and the Eye of Horus 0 5 20 100
The Pharaoh Symbol 0 10 50 200
Scatter 0 5 10 50
Wild 0 200 500 1000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Cat Queen is relatively low on extra rounds but there is still some that deserve to be mentioned. For starters, when you hit 3 or more Scatter Symbols you will trigger 15 Free Games. While this would normally be quite normal for a game of this type, you have to take into account that if you hit the same winning combination again you receive an additional 15 Free Games. This means that you could potentially have infinite Free Games.

Additionally, there is the ‘Double’ feature. After each winning spin, you will be presented with the opportunity to increase your winnings. Clicking on the ‘Double’ button will bring up a new screen. There you will be able to select how much of your winnings you wish to bet. You could choose either half the amount or the full sum. After that is done, five cards will be shown on screen face down. One will be revealed and you will be asked to pick a card with a greater value than the one that is shown. If you succeed in doing so, the sum that you bet will be doubled and you can choose to either gamble it again or collect it and add it to your bankroll. This feature is often seen in various video poker games and it is nice to see it implemented into another fan-favorite genre such as slots.


Cat Queen is an excellent slots game that has much to offer in terms of entertainment value and winnings. It is created by Playtech and it certainly benefits from this company’s expertise and resources. The main appeal of Cat Queen comes from its striking visuals and pleasing aesthetic. While it does not have much where bonus features are concerned, its theme and overall tone will make the game very enjoyable for most players. It is skillfully crafted and will bring you many hours of fun and excitement.

Cat Queen
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