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City of Gold

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city of gold slotCity of Gold is an old-school slot with three reels and 1 payline that can be found at online casinos powered by well-known software supplier Microgaming. This straightforward game borrows both its title and theme from the legend of El Dorado, a mythical city of gold that many treasure hunters and explorers had been attempting to find over the centuries, but to no avail.

Yet, a treasure is indeed awaiting those who set the reels of Microgaming’s City of Gold in motion and it comes in the form of a fixed jackpot prize of 1,600 in coins. Since this Microgaming creation is of the three-reel kind, it is dedicated to simplicity with a clear-cut design and lack of extra features. However, City of Gold is considered by most veteran spinners a must-play classic and it definitely looks like such with its iconic melons, lucky sevens, and bars that greet players from the spinning reels.

Note that this game is not entirely void of additional features – the Microgaming team of expert developers has put extra effort into including a wild symbol represented by a golden bowl, filled with precious stones. City of Gold has two other benefits to offer, the first one being its low variance since smaller payouts are awarded quite frequently throughout the course of the game. Also, spinners that are short of money to play with can give the slot a whirl in exchange for a minimum stake of $0.25 only.

Special Symbols

This retro offering by Microgaming has a single special symbol to offer, the wild with the golden bowl, which can be used in near-miss cases whenever you are short of symbols to complete your winning combinations with. But there is more to this lucrative wild than substituting for other symbols.

Whenever two of these wilds hit the center of the reels, your gains from the spin will be quadrupled thanks to the 4x multiplier. One golden bowl wild will also get the job done and will double your profits with the 2x multiplier. But there is more – if three wilds make an appearance across the single payline, you end up with the highest prize in the paytable, the jackpot of 1,600 coins.

Next in line are the lucky sevens. Hit three of those on the reels for a nice prize of 200 coins of your chosen denomination. The other symbols you can collect with are the classic bars and melons. In fact, these melons are precisely what reduces the volatility of City of Gold as they award payouts for a single match. Sure, 4 coins for one melon in the center of the reels may not look like much but this combination tends to hit quite frequently, preventing spinners from exhausting their balance.

City of Gold Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
3x Any 1 Melon 2 4
3x Any Bar 3 6
3x Any 2 Melons 5 10
3x Bar 10 20
3x Melons 20 40
3x Double Bars 25 50
3x Triple Bars 50 100
3x Lucky 7s 100 200
3x Golden Bowl 800 1600

Bonus Games and Features

The layout of City of Gold is as basic as it gets but this is something to be expected from a slot with one payline only. The virtual reels are positioned on top of a background showing a picture of a golden temple, with a black panther lying on the steps leading to the entrance. Practically nothing about this background or the symbols themselves is animated.

The design is very simplified but this only works to the benefit of less experienced slot players. The screen consists of two main sections. The left division is where the spinning reels are located. The right division contains the paytable where you can find how many coins are awarded for each combination of winning symbols. Basically, everything you need to know about the game is right there on the screen.

The paytable is divided into three subsections, the first one containing the symbols while the second and third columns show you how much you can win when betting one and two coins on each spin. As a matter of fact, you can automatically select your bet level by clicking on the respective column. The winning combinations award payouts when the identical symbols line up from left to right on the payline. In other words, one of the symbols needs to inevitably land on the first reel for you to collect a profit.

It is also possible to regulate the bet level by clicking on the Bet One button one or two times, depending on how many coins you wish to invest on the next spin. The denominations are quite flexible, with a minimum of $0.25 for one-coin bets. The Autoplay feature is accessed whenever players change from Regular to Expert Mode, but we recommend you not to overuse it. If you are not careful with Autoplay, you might end up draining your entire balance when on a bad streak.


It is logical that with this slot, Microgaming targets a demographic of players that favor straightforward, retro games. The team of developers has deliberately abstained from cramming City of Gold with special symbols and features as otherwise, this would have completely ruined the experience of classic-slot fans.

Besides, the game is not entirely void of features. There is the wild symbol to award the top prize, multiply your profits, and help you score more wins when you miss a match or two. There is also the Autoplay functionality which enhances the dynamics of the game and saves you the effort of constantly hitting the Spin button. Add low volatility to the mix and this Microgaming offering does not look so shabby after all. In conclusion, City of Gold pays a tribute to Las Vegas one-arm bandits and is considered a must-try for any veteran spinner out there who insists on simplicity and tradition.

City of Gold Slot
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