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Crazy Crocodile

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Crazy Crocodile slotCrazy Crocodile is a classic slot from Microgaming and as such, it has only three reels and one payline. It has the typical design and layout for these types of slots, meaning that the reels are positioned on the left side of the screen next to the paytable. Everything you need in order to test your luck on this slot can be found on the main page. The high level of convenience and the simplicity all classic slots offer, including Crazy Crocodile, make these games worthwhile. The main theme in this retro slot revolves around a seemingly friendly crocodile which has a cartoon style.

As for your betting options, the minimum bet you can place is €0.25 per round and the maximum – €15. It is possible to wager up to three coins each round and you can also change the coin denominations by using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons which are located below the logo of the game.

Special symbols

The game offers only one special symbol which shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering that it is a classic slot after all. The wild element is the crocodile himself, although only his head and thumb are depicted on the reels. As a wild symbol in the game, it will substitute for any other element in order to help you form a paying combination.

All of the symbols on the reels are set against the background of a blue river which contrasts with everything on the screen, making the game quite pleasing to the eyes. Besides the crocodile wild, you will also find some old-school elements such as the red lucky 7s and the ‘bar’ symbol, represented in its many forms – any bar, two bards or three bars. Depending on which one you manage to collect, the payout will differ. Also, it should be noted that the amount you will get strictly depends on the number of coins you have virtually inserted.

Crazy Crocodile Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coins 3rd Coins
Any One Crocodile 2 4 6
Any Two Crocodile 5 10 15
3x Any Bar 2 4 6
3x Bar 10 20 30
3x Double Bar 20 40 60
3x Triple Bar 50 100 150
3x Lucky 7s 100 200 300
3x Crazy Crocodile 250 500 1000
3x Crazy Crodile in a Line 1000 2500 4000

Bonus games and features

As a classic slot, this game has no bonus features. As mentioned above, the only special symbol is the wild one which illustrates a crocodile. This is the icon which you should hope to get the most as it is the only symbol that offers a payout for a single such element. This means that you will win money for getting just one crocodile symbol anywhere in the middle of a reel. For the rest of the elements, you need to get three matching ones in order to receive a payout.

Since the crocodile is the main character in the game, it offers the biggest payout. If you manage to get three of these in a line and you have bet the maximum number of coins, you will get 4,000 coins. In case that you collect three of these in any position, you will receive 1000 coins, providing that you have filled the above-mentioned requirement.


Crazy Crocodile is one of the many classic slots, developed by Microgaming. It has a pretty basic gameplay and symbols which is the reason why it will appeal the most to purists. Its graphics are quite standard and the same goes for its theme. If you want to play a game which has an old-school design and classic symbols, then you should opt for Crazy Crocodile since it will most likely meet your requirements. This game gives you the chance to experience what it was like to play slots before the advent of technologies.

Although this slot is a classic one, it contains a wild symbol thanks to which you can form more winning combinations. In addition, you will get a payout even if you land only one crocodile symbol in the middle of a reel which is another great advantage. Furthermore, if you are a novice player, you should start off by playing something simple and classic, something like Crazy Crocodile.

Crazy Crocodile Slot
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