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Crime Scene SlotCrime appears to be a very popular theme for online slots, one that software developers return to time and again, making it difficult to deliver a truly interesting game veteran spinners would like. This is not the case with NetEnt’s Crime Scene slot, however, where instead of showing us the forces of law fighting to prevent crime as usual, the developers have opted for focusing on the crime’s aftermath, mimicking well-known television series like Bones and Crime Scene Investigation.

Crime Scene plays over five reels with three rows and offers players a total of 15 winning paylines they can gain from. The game utilizes various crime-related symbols, such as handguns, bloody footprints, forensic briefcases, and UV lamps with spectacles. The crime that is subject to an investigation has apparently taken place in a dark, deserted alley as this is what the developers have used as a background for the five reels.

The NetEnt software experts have given the lowest paying symbols more flair by including card initials Ten through Ace that resemble the chalk outlines of the bodies of homicide victims. Another nice touch is the addition of the audio effects that emulate the clicking of the forensic experts’ cameras whenever you hit the Spin button.

Apart from excellent presentation, spinners would benefit from Crime Scene’s bonus Pick-Me game, and sticky wilds with multipliers on the wins they generate. The game is playable from $0.15 only, but if you are in a more audacious mood, feel free to load up to the maximum of $150.00 per spin.

Special Symbols

Crime Scene offers two special symbols players are recommended to keep a close watch on as they carry immense potential for profits. The first icon to look for is the wild which contains a nicely animated image of a police badge. If you take a peek at the paytable, you will notice that the badge does not return any regular payouts but there is another benefit from landing it.

Since the police badge is wild, it can be used as a substitute for all symbols save for the bonus ones. This translates into a higher number of wins for the duration of your betting session. But there is an additional advantage to using the wild as a substitute in winning combinations. First of all, this is no ordinary wild as when appearing, the symbols stick onto the reels and remain in position for up to five consecutive spins. To boot, the wild increases the profits when substituting with a 3x multiplier on the wins it helps create.

The second symbol spinners should anticipate is the bonus icon, comprising a criminal’s fingerprints. Three of those bonus symbols lead to the activation of the second-screen bonus game where you are guaranteed to collect a monetary prize.

Crime Scene Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 0 3 10 30
J 0 3 10 30
Q 0 4 15 40
K 0 4 15 40
A 0 5 20 50
Handgun 0 10 40 200
Forensic Briefcase 0 10 40 200
UV Lamps with Spectacles 0 20 75 400
Bloody Footprints 0 30 150 750

Bonus Games and Features

Crime Scene is one of the few modern slots that are void of a free spins round, as strange as it may sound to some reel enthusiasts. There is no need to fret over this omission, however, because you get something even better – a lucrative bonus game of the Pick-and-Win type. Once you unlock it with a minimum of three fingerprints icons, you should prep yourself for some serious returns.

You gain access to the forensic experts’ lab where you can assist them with the investigation by selecting different envelopes and folders containing massive coin prizes. There are thirty folders to choose from and some of them offer prizes plus fingerprints, helping you to collect evidence and solve the mysterious crime that was committed.

Note there are folders with hidden “X” symbols. You should be wary of these, because selecting red “X” several times in a row causes the termination of the bonus game. The first time you click on a folder containing an “X”, you are asked to pick from four envelopes with additional coins or multipliers and then you return to the feature. Some folders contain a tick-mark against a green backdrop which can cancel out the next “X” symbol you pick by accident to increase the feature’s duration.


NetEnt’s Crime Scene is an extremely enjoyable, innovative and polished game which is equipped with almost all the necessary ingredients that make for a rewarding and thrilling spinning session. The graphics are rather realistic while the suitable sound effects further increase playability and improve the quality of the gameplay.

The only thing that is missing is the free spins round but players can live with that thanks to the inclusion of the bonus game, which offers a satisfactory level of interaction and lots of huge prizes. The addition of the sticky wilds increases the odds of players generating decent wins throughout the course of their sessions.

They say crime does not pay but this certainly does not apply to crime-inspired slots like this premium NetEnt offering. Help the forensic experts to solve this heinous crime and you may be generously rewarded with the game’s jackpot of up to 22,500 coins, which translates into a huge prize of $225,000 if you are staking the maximum of 10 coins of the highest denomination.

Crime Scene Slot
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