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Dino Might SlotDino Might is a five-reel slot with 25 adjustable paylines that can be found at online casinos running on the Microgaming platform. The title the software leader has chosen for this offering is indeed suitable as Dino Might was inspired by the giant prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. What you can expect in terms of symbols are several different species of dinosaurs for the high paying combinations and a range of prehistoric plants, including the carnivorous Venus flytrap.

The game boasts a slightly cartoonish style as the symbols and layout have been purposefully designed to emulate comic books. The graphics are beginning to slightly show their age but despite that, Dino Might remains a favorite of many reel spinners because of its nice range of extra features, engaging gameplay, and intuitive, user-friendly interface. Another aspect of the game that continues to attract the interest of veteran slot players is the juicy flat-top jackpot that amounts to 80,000 coins.

Special Symbols

Dino Might is one of the most recognizable titles of Microgaming’s thanks to its comic-style book design. The symbols stand out with bold colors but more importantly, the developers have opted for substituting the clichéd playing card icons with brightly colored dinosaurs and prehistoric plants for the regular paying combinations.

The special symbols in Dino Might are just as original and fit the theme of the slot like a glove. An amber fossil is in use as a scatter and is in fact, one of the “mightiest” symbols in the game. Three or more scattered fossils on the reels activate a Match Bonus game with hefty guaranteed prizes and multipliers.

Another special symbol is the green Triggersaurus. Spinners need to land at least three of those Triggersauruses on an active payline to unlock the brief Reel Bonus and collect additional coin prizes. Since no video slot is complete without a wild, the developers have included a special Dino Might logo which replaces regular paying symbols and doubles the profits on all winning combinations it helps you to create. All symbols in Dino Might award payouts from left to right, the only exception being the scatter, which forms matching combinations in both directions.

Dino Might Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Plant 1 0 5 10 50
Plant 2 0 5 12 60
Plant 3 0 6 15 70
Plant 4 0 6 20 80
Plant 5 0 8 30 90
Plant 6 0 10 40 100
Dinosaur 1 0 12 50 120
Dinosaur 2 0 15 75 200
Dinosaur 3 0 20 100 300
Triceratops 0 25 150 400
Tyrannosaurus Rex 0 30 200 800
Dino Might /Wild/ 5 80 800 8000
Amber Fossil Scatter 4 4 40 200

Bonus Games and Features

There are two bonus features to look for in Dino Might and both are equally profitable for players. The first one is the so-called Reel Bonus which gets unlocked by three, four, or five Triggersaurus icons landing on an activated payline. The three symbols will freeze in position on the reels and you need to select one of them to reveal the coin prize hidden below. The maximum you can bag from the Reel Bonus stands at 4,500 coins. Note that the green Triggersaurus does not render regular payouts for matching combinations – its sole purpose is to reward players with guaranteed cash prizes.

The Match Bonus is even more profitable as it can earn you up to 20,000 coins when activated
. In order to get there, spinners need a minimum of three amber fossils scattered anywhere on the reels. This is where the fun begins as you will be taken to a new screen that resembles a dinosaur puzzle to some extent. You will see a grid with twenty squares, representing an image of all prehistoric creatures starring in Dino Might. Then you start picking squares until you match four dinosaur fossils, with each type of dinosaur awarding a different cash prize. Some of the squares contain multipliers on the winnings you generate during the Match Bonus, further increasing the winning potential of this extra feature.

Everything in Dino Might is extremely well-organized, allowing players to navigate through the game with great ease. The gaming controls are located at the bottom, below the reels. At one side, you will see your overall balance and coins while the buttons you can control the reels and activate paylines with are positioned at the right-hand side of the screen. Other neat features incorporated into Dino Might include the Autoplay and Statistics, allowing you to track your highest wins and the number of spins you play during your current session.


Dino Might is one of the Microgaming slot offerings which has stood the test of time and remains a favorite of reel enthusiasts to this day. The visuals, animations, and overall presentation of this game are outstanding which is to be expected from a Microgaming product. There are plenty of additional features and bonuses to keep players engaged and have them returning to Dino Might again and again.

The Match and Reel Bonuses are triggered quite frequently which translates in more winnings for spinners. A word of advice for those who wish to collect bigger prizes – when playing Dino Might make sure you activate all 25 paylines. This will increase your chances of triggering the Reel Bonus because the Triggersauruses need to land on activate paylines to award coin prizes.

With coin denominations ranging from $0.01 to $0.50 and the option to bet up to ten credits per line, Dino Might is a game suitable for any type of player, no matter how tight or large their budget is. The top prize of 80,000 credits makes Dino Might a game worth checking by any keen reel spinner.

Dino Might Slot
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