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Dirty Dancing

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dirty dancing slotDirty Dancing is one of the newest slots released by Playtech, appearing online in mid-2017. It is based on the 1987 romantic dance movie of the same and it features the same characters and theme. Fans of the movie will be really impressed with how well it has transitioned to a game format. Dirty Dancing is a 5-reel slot game that comes with 40 separate paylines, as well as several bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot. Playtech has spared no expense in crafting this eye-catching game and it has utilized the full extent of the company’s expertise.

Special Symbols

Dirty Dancing stays true to the source material and incorporates characters and items from the film as the symbols that you will see spinning on the reels. Much like any other slot game, the symbols can be classified into three separate categories. These are Low Paying, High Paying, and Special Symbols, named after their payout ratios and the interactions they have with the other symbols. The Low Paying category includes nothing out of the ordinary, symbols that are featured in many different slots. These are, of course, the high card symbols – the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Jack, and the Ten (10).

The High Paying Symbols are made up from various item and commodities featured in the film, as well as two of the main cast of characters. This includes vinyl record, a radio, a luxury sports car, a pair of high heels, as well as Cynthia Rhodes’ character Penny Johnson and Jennifer Grey’s Baby Houseman. The Special Symbols category is made of from the Wild and Scatter symbols, with the Johnny Castle character representing the Wild and the game’s logo representing the Scatter. The Wild symbol can be used in place of any other missing piece when forming a combination, while the Scatter can trigger several bonuses.

Dirty Dancing Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
10 0 10 20 70
J 0 10 20 70
Q 0 10 20 70
K 0 15 40 100
A 0 15 40 100
The Vinyl Record and The Radio 0 20 60 150
The Luxury Sports Car and High Heels 0 40 70 200
Penny Johnson 3 45 100 300
Baby Houseman 5 50 150 500
Scatter 0 5 25 125
Johnny Castle /Wild/ 15 150 500 5000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Dirty Dancing is a modern game and as such, it features excellent bonus rounds that are very appealing to players. One of those is the Mambo Free Games, which are triggered by any spin on the main game. This will bring up a spinning wheel with various different rewards. When you spin the wheel you will be able to win Free Spins, winnings multipliers, and Dancing Wilds on every Free Spin. Dancing Wilds fill a whole reel and move for every free spin. When you spin the wheel two times the free games will begin and you will be able to receive the full benefit of the bonuses.

The Dirty Dancing Bonus is yet another bonus round and you can trigger it from any spin on the main game. There you will have to reveal prizes by opening boxes. If you finish all 6 stages of this bonus round you will be able to continue onto the Dirty Dancing Jackpot round. The Jackpot round is similar to the Dirty Dancing Bonus round in the sense that you open boxes and reveal different symbols. There are two symbols types that you can match to win a jackpot, which are the Baby and Johnny symbol. Matching 3 of each type will win you a jackpot corresponding to that particular symbol.

The Whirling Wilds is the last feature that you can trigger while playing Dirty Dancing. During any spin in the main game, Johnny and Baby can dance across the reels and can add up to 6 Wild symbols at random in any position. If a Wild symbol displaces a Scatter you will still be able to claim any winnings from that symbol.


Overall, Dirty Dancing is an excellent game that stays true to the source material and the feel of the movie carries over to the game perfectly. Fans of the original movie will be absolutely thrilled with this title. Apart from the successful implementation of the theme, there is also the many features that the slot has that sets it apart from the competition. The many bonus rounds are very tempting and equally rewarding. Additionally, the game runs at a buttery smooth pace making the visuals a joy to behold. Dirty Dancing a well-crafted casino game that is worth your attention even if you are not a fan of the movie.

Dirty Dancing
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