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Don Deal

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don deal slotDon Deal is a classic slot with three reels and one payline, developed by Microgaming. Its theme is based on a member of the mafia who you will see depicted below the reels. His cheeky smile hints that he is about to make you a special deal that you won’t be able to resist. Behind this seemingly rich character, you will notice a pile of dollars and coins which further complete the prevailing concept of money in the game. The paytable is standardly located on the left side of the screen next to the reels on the right side which is the typical layout for a classic slot.

You can choose to bet either one or two coins per spin which you can adjust by clicking the ‘Bet One’ button. It is possible to choose from several coin denominations which range from €0.25 to €50. The total bet you can place per spin is €100, providing that you play with the maximum number of coins. The minimum bet that can be put is as little as €0.25 if you choose to insert only one coin per spin.

Special symbols

Typically, all classic slots are rather limited when it comes to special symbols. Don Deal is no exception to this rule as it has only one special symbol which is a wild element. It depicts a pack of banknotes and coins and it substitutes for absolutely all elements. In order to replace a particular symbol so that you can form a winning combination, it has to be in the middle of the reel next to two other matching elements. In such cases, you will get a 2x multiplier which will double your cash prize.

However, you can receive even a higher multiplier – 4x, providing that you manage to get two of these special symbols next to one regular element. Both of the wild symbols will replace two ordinary ones which will result in a winning combination that will be quadrupled in size. The rest of the symbols on the reels illustrate the very typical for these types of slots cherries, bars and lucky 7’s.

Don Deal Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coins
Any 1 Cherry 2 4
3x Any Bar 3 6
Any 2 Cherry 5 10
3x Bar 10 20
3x Cherry 20 40
3x Double Bar 25 50
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Lucky 7s 100 200
3x Banknotes 800 1600

Bonus games and features

As an authentic classic slot, Don Deal has no bonus features and all it offers is its base game. This makes it especially suitable for the players who are new to these types of games since everything in it is very simple. The element you should hope for the most is the wild symbol that illustrates a pile of banknotes and coins. If you get three of these in the middle of each reel and you have placed the maximum number of coins, then you will get a payout of 1600 coins.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the game can be played in two modes – regular and expert which makes it suitable for all types of slot enthusiasts. If you choose to play in expert mode, you will be provided with the opportunity to use the Autoplay feature. Thanks to it, you can select a certain number of spins to be performed automatically which eliminates the necessity to hit the spin button manually in order to test your luck.


Don Deal is a classic slot from Microgaming which offers a standard gameplay and old-school symbols except for the wild element. The latter is the only special symbol in the game which can fetch you some nice cash prizes since it comes with a 2x or a 4x multiplier when substituting other elements. Furthermore, if you manage to get three of these, you will receive the highest payout in the game which is 1600 coins for a two-coin bet and 800 for a one-coin bet.

The slot offers several coin denominations which enable you to select the one that suits your bankroll best. You can adjust the size of your bet by using the buttons ‘Bet One’ and ‘Bet Max’, located at the bottom of the screen. If you love playing old-school casino games, you should certainly give Don Deal a try as it is a classic slot that will provide you with the opportunity to get an authentic experience as if you were gambling in the good old days.

Don Deal Slot
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