Double Magic Slot

Double Magic

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double magic slotDouble Magic is a classic 3-reel slot game developed by Microgaming. It comes with the usual betting limits for a game of this type. You can bet up to 2 coins per spin, with the size of the coins varying between 0.05 and 10.00.

Double Magic tries to capture the magic of the classic fruit machines that we so fondly remember. If you are interested in something like that, please look below where you will find all relevant information on the game.

Special Symbols

Much like any other slot game, Double Magic features various symbols that will light up on the reels whenever you spin them. Since this is a classic slot, the symbols are also drawn in a similar fashion. Here you will be greeted by cherries, various bar symbols, the unforgettable red Seven, and the star surrounded by lighting, that is unique to this game. In order to score some of the higher wins, you would have to line up three of the same symbol on the payline, though some lower paying combinations do not strictly follow this rule.

Bonus Rounds and Features

Being an old-school slot, Double Magic does not have any fancy or special features, let alone bonus rounds. What you see is what you get – 3 reels, a single payline, and several symbols. That does not mean that the game is not rewarding, though. The payouts of are quite generous provided that you hit the right combination. Depending on whether you are betting two coins or one, they are as follows:

Double Magic Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
2x Any One Cherry 2 4
3x Any Bar 3 6
Any Two Cherry 5 10
3x Single Bar 10 20
3x Cherry 20 40
3x Double Bar 25 50
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Seven 100 200
3x Lightning Star 800 1600


Double Magic is quite a simplistic slot meant to capture the feeling of playing the slot machines of old. It certainly manages to do that, but it does not mean that everyone will like it. The game is targeted towards a certain audience that is no doubt looking to relive the old days with a great sense of nostalgia. Compared to more modern games, Double Magic can hardly compete, but it is not created for that purpose. The simplicity of older games is fondly remembered among older players and those asking for a blast from the past will certainly find it in Double Magic.

This game is best suited for players that are new to slots or want to go back to the roots of the genre. Whatever the case, Double Magic is an excellent game that will absolutely please its targeted user base. If you are looking for a classical 3-reeled slot, you may have found it in this one.

Double Magic Slot
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