Double Wammy Slot

Double Wammy

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double wammy slotDouble Wammy is a classic slot and as such, it has one single payline and only three reels. Developed by Microgaming, the game has a typical Las Vegas design and it contains old-school symbols such as cherries and the number seven. The theme in the slot revolves around its logo which consists of two shiny diamonds along with a Double Wammy icon. The logo is positioned below the three reels, next to which is the paytable.

Depending on the number of coins you insert virtually every round, the payout will vary. In order to be able to compete for the highest cash prizes, you should play with the maximum number of coins which is three. The total bet you can place per round is €15, whereas, the minimum bet that you can put each spin is €0.25. It is possible to choose from several coin denominations which range from €0.25 to €5.

Special symbols

Despite being a classic slot, Double Wammy offers one special symbol which functions as a wild. It depicts the logo of the game and it will substitute for any other element on the reels in order to help you make a paying combination. The symbol itself is identical to the game’s icon but a much smaller version that fits perfectly on the reels.

However, it should be noted that it won’t replace a single cherry symbol if alone on the payline. Also, when substituting, the wild symbol will provide you with either a 2x or a 4x multiplier. In case that you get two regular elements and such a special symbol, your wins will be doubled. If you get two wild symbols and one regular element which create a winning combination, your profit will be multiplied by 4x. Last but not least, three of these special symbols will bring you the highest possible payout of 2,500 credits, providing that you have wagered the maximum number of coins.

Double Wammy Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin
Any One Cherry 2 4 6
Any Two Cherry 5 10 15
3x Any Bar 5 10 15
3x Cherry 10 20 30
3x Bar 10 20 30
3x Double Bar 25 50 75
3x Triple Bar 40 80 120
3x Lucky 7s 80 160 240
3x Double Wammy 800 600 2500

Bonus games and features

Double Wammy is one of the most authentic classic slots that you can play on the Internet and as such, it has no bonus games whatsoever. This simply means that it only offers a base game which is quite straightforward and plain. Besides the wild symbol that depicts the game’s logo, you will be also able to find several old-school elements such as a red seven, cherries, any bar, double bar or triple bar. The payout for each one of them can be easily seen since it is displayed on the right side of the screen. The cherry is the only symbol that will award you a cash prize for getting only one such element in the middle of a reel.

It is worth noting that the game offers an Autoplay feature which you can turn on by choosing to play in expert mode. You have the freedom to decide the number of spins you wish to be conducted automatically and also the number of seconds you wish to have between each spin. Moreover, it is entirely up to you to choose the end of the automatic spins which makes it a very convenient feature.


Double Wammy is a classic slot which was developed by the software leader Microgaming. The game is quite ordinary and it has no bonus features which makes it most appealing for those of you who define themselves as traditional players. It is the perfect example of a classic Vegas-style slot which contains the typical, for these types of games, symbols such as cherries and bars.

One of the best things about this game is that it offers two modes – expert and regular which make it suitable for all levels of players, regardless of their experience and gaming style. For those of you who wish to speed up the gaming process, the game has an Autoplay feature. If you are looking for an old-school casino slot which will enable you to get a firsthand experience of what it was like to play before the advanced technologies appeared, then Double Wammy is the game for you.

Double Wammy Slot
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