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Fairy Ring

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fairy ring slotIf you are feeling nostalgic about the past when one-arm bandits were the hottest game to play at landbased gambling establishments, Fairy Ring may be the right online slot for you to try. The game was created by software provider Microgaming and features three reels, 3 paylines, a wild symbol, and a flat-top jackpot of 5,000 coins. Not bad for an old-school slot, right?

This may be a traditional game but it still impresses with an interesting design that deviates from the standard fruit symbols everyone associates with three-reel slots. The name pretty much suggests what you can expect in terms of theme. Spinners are brought to a magical world inhabited by the tiny mythical beings we all have read about in fairy tales. The icons that flash before players’ eyes when the reels are set in motion include a petite fairy, butterflies, toadstools (the kind of mushroom you may come across while turning over the pages of a children’s book), as well as the usual single, double and triple bars.

The betting limits are broad enough to accommodate all reel enthusiasts, no matter how big or small their bankrolls may be. Betting starts at the amount of $0.25 while the upper ceiling per spin is set to $15.00, with the option to bet one to three coins on each round.

Special Symbols

Since this is a retro slot with a limited number of paylines and three reels only, it would be unreasonable to expect much in terms of extra features and bonus symbols. Indeed, the culmination of the game is the wild fairy which can help you create more winning combinations as it replaces all other icons on the reels, with no exceptions. Unfortunately, there is no multiplier on wins created with the wild but this omission is at least partially offset by the top prize of 5,000 coins, awarded for three matching fairies on payline number 3.

The fairies work their magic regardless of which payline they land on since they are the top payers in Fairy Ring. And rightfully so. Three fairies on payline number 2 result in a win of 3,000 coins while the same combination on payline number 1 is equal to 1,500 in credits. Other high-paying symbols include the butterflies awarding 300 coins for three matches and the magic toadstools which can earn you 150 coins. The symbols of the lowest value are understandably the single, double, and triple bars. All winning combinations in Fairy Ring are awarded for matching symbols lining up from left to right on the three reels.

Fairy Ring Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Bar 7
3x Bar 15
3x Double Bar 30
3x Triple Bar 80
3x Toadstools 150
3x Butterflies 300
3x Fairy Payline 1 1500
3x Fairy Payline 2 2500
3x Fairy Payline 3 5000

Bonus Games and Features

Microgaming has earned an impeccable reputation among players for creating stellar graphics and this shows even in this simplified and straightforward three-reel slot. The game is embellished with various tiny details to make it more pleasing to the eye. The backdrop soothes the mind as it consists of lush greenery, brilliantly-colored flowers, and bright red toadstools.

Most of the screen is occupied by the three reels while you can find all winning combinations and their corresponding payouts in the paytable to the side. What further complements the game are the suitable audio effects the developers have chosen. While you are spinning the reels of Fairy Ring, you can hear the relaxing chirping of birds in the background, which indeed sets you in the right mood for a lucrative betting session.

But there is more to Fairy Ring than visual appeal. The developers have added several great functionalities to increase players’ convenience, allowing them to customize the game to their individual preferences. For example, there is the Autoplay feature. Quite standard, we know, but still useful as it enables you to spin the three reels uninterrupted 5 to 500 times in a row. This would at least spare you the efforts of having to click the Spin button every few seconds. To access Autoplay, you need to make a shift from Regular to Expert Mode.

The gaming controls are at the bottom, where you can find the buttons for altering your coin value and the number of coins you stake on each spin. The Bet One button helps you switch between betting one, two or three coins when clicked repeatedly but if you intend to bet the maximum, you can easily do so by hitting Bet Max, which sets the reels in motion at the same time.


People seem to think that fairies exist only in the magical world of legends and fairy tales but Microgaming proves them wrong with its Fairy Ring slot where these mystical creatures would spring on the reels to award players with nice payouts and help them form more winning combinations.

This retro slot comes with the added benefit of a wild symbol to boost its winning potential. Albeit plain, the game is beautifully animated and truly soothes the mind with its relaxing sound effects and leafy backdrop. And the best part of all is that practically anyone can afford to give it a go since Fairy Ring is playable from only $0.25 per spin.

Interestingly enough, the name the developers have chosen for this slot in not a coincidence – fairy rings of mushrooms do exist in some parts of the world and are commonly associated with good fortune. This is precisely what they might bring to you if you give this classic slot a spin – good fortune in the form of a 5,000-coin fixed jackpot.

Fairy Ring Slot
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