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Fantasini: Master of Mystery

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Fantasini: Master of Mystery SlotFantasini: Master of Mystery is a slot game developed by NetEnt featuring a magician theme. The game comes with 5 reels and, in place of the traditional payline system, 243 ways to win.

The betting limits in the game are quite adequate for every kind of player, with the maximum bet going as high as 125.00. You can bet up to 250 coins per spin, each having a value of up to 0.50.

Special Symbols

Fantasini: Master of Mystery portrays many different symbols on its five reels. A good part of them are high cards, ranging from Nine to Ace in this case. The others feature various magician tricks and his assistant. Each of these symbols can form a combination when 3 or more of each type appear on the neighbouring reels, starting from the leftmost one. Since the game does not feature usual paylines, you do not have to worry about symbols appearing in a particular sequence. Rather, a symbol simply has to land on the following reel.

The only Special symbol in Fantasini: Master of Mystery is the Wild, which comes in the likeness of the Master of Mystery. This symbol has the ability to stand in for any other symbol in the game and that is the full extent of its usefulness. Unfortunately, it does not pay anything by itself, which is disheartening, to say the least. There are no Scatters or Bonus symbol to be found in this game, nor any other special type.

Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 0 3 10 25
10 0 3 10 25
J 0 3 10 25
Q 0 4 15 40
K 0 4 15 40
A 0 4 15 40
Dagger and Cards 0 10 75 250
Handcuffs 0 10 75 250
Crystall Ball 0 15 100 400
Chained Chest 0 30 150 500
Magician’s Assistant 0 50 250 1000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Fantasini: Master of Mystery does not offer any bonus rounds or free spins, which is unusual for a slot game. Even the oldest offerings in online casinos reward you for your efforts in some way not involved with the paytable. Not Fantasini, though. Instead, you have at your disposal the Linked Reels Feature. Basically, each spin begins with two linked reels which feature identical symbols. During the spin itself, the link can include even more reels, potentially all five. On paper, this feature sounds interesting, but in practice, it is random and dissatisfying, as you may end up having four identical reels, with the first being different, which ultimately does not reward a payout. With a magical theme the developers of this game could have done much more, but instead, they came up with this lackluster addition. It does have its purpose from time to time, but it will leave you hanging more often than not.

Additionally, since the feature is used only for the base gameplay, we never see anything else than the reels. A well-crafted bonus round might be a refreshing change of pace, presenting you with something new and exciting.


Overall, Fantasini: Master of Mystery is an interesting game to play, but only in the short term. The Linked Reels Feature is underwhelming and does not make the game any better than it would be without it. Still, the paytable is rewarding enough and the game can certainly provide you with some decent wins. The lack of bonus rounds and other features means that this game will not appeal to anyone. It mostly comes down to personal preference and it is best to try it out before committing any real funds to it.

Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot
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