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Floridita Fandango

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floridita fandango slotHoliday-themed slot games have always been popular even in the case of basic slots that lack any bonus features, special symbols, and other sophisticated intricacies. Microgaming’s classic slot called Floridita Fandango falls in that particular category – it has 3 reels, only one payline, and when it comes to extra features, there are simply none.

This is one of the most classic, basic online slots developed by Microgaming. It resembles the old-fashioned fruit machines that used to be incredibly popular across land-based casinos a few decades ago. With its 3 reels, vintage symbols, and a single payline running straight through the middle, it takes you back in time and on a tropical island where you can relax, sipping a cocktail in the shade of a palm tree. In fact, the slot takes you to Havana, Cuba, where the legendary Floridita fish restaurant and cocktail bar is located. Its famous daiquiris are represented in the slot game as the two highest paying symbols. Apart from that, there is nothing special or extraordinary about this game, yet it would be a lovely option for all fans of the classic one-armed bandits.

Players can bet 1, 2, or 3 coins at sizes from 0.25 to 5.00 credits. Each spin can cost up to 15.00 credits.

Special Symbols

Floridita Fandango features no special symbols you can benefit from. However, getting a winning is relatively easy as some of the icons in this slot may be mixed, while others pay out even a one of them appears on the reels. Such is the case with the cherry symbol which brings you a payout whenever 1, 2, or 3 of it land on the central payline.

Along with the cherries, another classic slot symbol is featured in this game – the bar symbol. In fact, bars are standard single icons, as well as double bars and triple bars. You receive a winning for 3 matching bar icons landing on the line, but also for a combination of any bars. For example, you win when two triple bars and one single bar fall on the payline.

The other two symbols in Floridita Fandango are the orange and the purple daiquiris. The orange cocktail is the highest paying icon, bringing the top payout of 2,500 coins for 3 daiquiris on the line. In addition, a mixed cocktail combination also rewards you a cash prize, even though in real life, that would mean a terrible hangover the next day.

Floridita Fandango Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin
Any One Cherry 2 4 6
Any Two Cherry 5 10 15
3x Cherry 10 20 30
3x Any Bar 5 10 15
3x Bar 10 20 30
3x Double Bar 20 40 60
3x Triple Bar 30 60 90
3x Any Cocktail 40 80 120
3x Purple Daiquiri 80 160 240
3x Orange Daiquiri 500 1000 2500

Bonus Games and Features

As mentioned briefly above, the slot offers no special symbols, bonus games or features. It is, in fact, part of a line of classic slot games in Microgaming’s portfolio which pays homage to the mechanical slot machines of the past. Just like the rest of the titles in this collection, Floridita Fandango comes with a user-friendly interface, extreme simplicity and only basic functions.

In the center of the game screen, you will see a big orange daiquiri and above it, in top left corner, you will notice the reels. The pay table is situated on the right-hand side of the screen, which means that all the essential data is displayed conveniently in one place. In the bottom half of the screen, you will find all controls, including the Spin, Bet One and Bet Max buttons, as well as the Minus and Plus which are used for regulating the bet size.

There is also a Help button which gives access to the rules of the game. They open in a separate window and explain in detail how the slot works. Right next to it, a button saying Expert is positioned. It enables the Expert mode, which does not have a lot of extra functions besides the AutoPlay option. Here, you can choose either 5 or 10 spins to be played automatically with the bet size you have set beforehand.


Floridita Fandango is a colorful classic slot which has basic visuals, but it is still very attractive, especially if you are feeling a bit nostalgic about old-fashioned slot machines. Whether you fancy daiquiri or prefer another type of cocktail, you should know that the Floridita bar in Havana, where the slot takes its name from, was once a favorite hangout for Ernest Hemingway. Overall, this Microgaming slot is recommended to all players who look for a simpler gameplay without any complicated bonus features, multi-level games within the original game, or intricate storylines. This is a fun slot that focuses on one thing only – providing players with the good, old gambling entertainment. And who would argue with that?

Floridita Fandango Slot
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