Flowers Christmas Edition Slot

Flowers Christmas Edition

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Flowers Christmas Edition SlotFlowers Christmas Edition is a rethemed version of the Flowers slot, developed by NetEnt. The game features the same flowers from the original slot, only now they are in the middle of winter and covered in snow. Flowers Christmas Edition comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines.

The betting limits in the game are quite adequate, though somewhat low for a NetEnt title. The maximum bet can go as high as 75.00 units per spin by betting 5 coins on each payline. These coins can be assigned a value of up to 0.50 per coin.

Special Symbols

The symbols in the game mostly portray various flowers frozen by winter’s snow. These are the same plants seen in the Flower slot, more specifically, the rose, the sunflower, the flytrap, the tulip and others. Additionally, there are also four high card symbols, ranging from Jack to Ace. There are two special symbols in Flowers Christmas Edition and those are the Wild and the Free Spin. The Wild is represented by a snowflake that can substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination, except the Free Spin and double symbols. The Free Spin symbol has the ability to initiate a number of free games.

Flowers Christmas Edition Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
J 0 5 15 100
Q 0 5 15 125
K 0 5 20 150
A 0 5 20 200
Bluebell 200 400 600 1200
Tulip 250 450 700 1400
Flytrap 300 500 800 1600
Sunflower 350 550 900 1800
Rose 400 600 1000 2000
Wild 0 250 1000 5000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Flowers Christmas Edition comes with one interesting feature that we do not see often in slot games, which is double symbols. The flowers and the Free Spin can appear as multiples in the same position. When this happens they will count as two symbols instead of one. As a result, the paytable is adjusted for the eligible symbols to feature rewards for up to 10 of the same symbol.

There are the free games that we have to take into account. When you hit 4 or more Free Spin symbols you will activate a round of free games. As we discussed above, the Free Spin symbol can appear as single and double. This means that a double symbol will count as two at the same time. Based on the number of symbols involved you can receive between 10 and 30 free games. Additionally, the number of symbols will also determine the multiplier applied to your winnings. With up to 6x Free Spin you will gain a 2x multiplier, while 7x Free Spin will award you a 4x multiplier. If you manage to hit 8x Free Spins, you will get to benefit from a multiplier of 10x.


Flowers Christmas Edition is an interesting slot, though not one that we have not seen before. This game is basically a reskin of the original Flowers slot and it is the same in everything but appearance. The new graphics feature a different twist for the game and it may be more appealing to some players. The double symbols feature is interesting and also one that we rarely see. It can make the game much more enjoyable and bring in a pretty penny, as well. Overall, if you have ever played the original Flowers you might enjoy this one too and if you have not then you should give it a try at the very least.

Flowers Christmas Edition Slot
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