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Froot Loot

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froot loot slotFroot Loot is a classic slot created by Microgaming, one of the most renowned software providers in the industry. This is as close to the fruit machines of the early 20th century as you are likely to get.

This game features 3 reels and a single payline, while the betting limits are very tight compared to other slot games. A player can bet up to 3 coins per spin, with the value of the coins ranging from 0.25 to 5.00. Logically, the maximum bet is 15.00, which is not a whole lot when you think about it,

Special Symbols

Froot Loot features a lot more symbols than the traditional classic slot game. You will see various fruits appearing on the reels, but there are also the Bar symbols to account for. Typically, you need 3 of the same symbol on the payline to form most of the combinations, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

This game keeps to the classical style and so it does not include any special symbols. There are no Wilds, Scatters, Bonus’ that can impact the gameplay. There are only the base symbols to play with.

Bonus Rounds and Features

If you are looking for a game packed with features and bonus rounds you have come to the wrong place. Froot Loot is a classic slot that only gives the base game with nothing else. This might dissuade you at first, but please know that the game makes up for its lack of features in its rewards. Classic slots are generally more worthwhile than other games in terms of pure payouts and Froot Loot some of the best payouts in the genre. These are, of course, dependent on the size of your bet and the number of coins you are playing with. For your convenience, we have listed all payouts, with regard to the difference when playing with one, two, or three coins.

Froot Loot Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin
Any Two Cherry 3 6 9
3x Cherry 4 8 12
Any One Fruit Basket 5 10 15
3x Lemon 10 20 30
3x Orange 15 30 45
3x Plum 20 40 60
3x Watermelon 30 60 90
3x Single Bar 40 80 120
Any Two Fruit Basket 50 100 150
3x Double Bar 90 180 270
3x Triple Bar 150 300 450
3x Fruit Basket 1000 2000 5000


Overall, Froot Loot is an amazing fruit game that will introduce you to the world of classic slots. Clearly, this game is not created to compete with modern titles. Instead, it is aimed at a designated player base that is looking for the old-school experience. Still, it has to be mentioned that Froot Loot plays a lot better than some ‘modern’ games. It has great entertainment value, in addition to the more than generous payouts. If 3-reel slots are something that interests you, then you should have a look at Froot Loot, as it is one of the most enjoyable games of its kind.

Froot Loot Slot
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