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Frost Bite

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frost bite slotFrost Bite is a classic online slot with three reels and a single payline in the center. The game is courtesy of software leader Microgaming and boasts a winter theme, complemented by fitting snowflake symbols and a blue color scheme for the layout. The design is rather larky as the star of the slot is a comical cat that appears to be frozen stiff from the cold.

The game seems a bit one-dimensional at first glance, but this is to be expected from an old-school slot that is short of paylines. Frost Bite has not much to offer in terms of special symbols and additional features but players can at least benefit from a wild that replaces all other icons and multiplies their profits on winning combinations. There are two betting levels, with coin denominations starting at $0.25 which makes Frost Bite a suitable option for players who prefer lower-spectrum bets.

Special Symbols

Players who choose Frost Bite should consider themselves warned that the game has no other special symbols to offer other than a wild, containing its logo. This symbol is in fact quite useful as it can take the place of other icons, which significantly improves your chances of forming matching combinations on the center payline.

Apart from substitution, the wild logo has another important function since it awards the top prize in Frost Bite. Three wilds popping up on the payline result in a win of 1,600 coins if you bet the maximum and 800 coins for those who use the first betting level. Additionally, the wild can boost your casino balance as it has a multiplier on the wins it helps you form. One wild on the payline will double the amount you pocket, while two of these symbols appearing on the reels can quadruple your profits with a 4x multiplier.

The cat in this slot may be frozen solid but this hardly prevents it from grinning at players across the reels. This waggish feline is the second highest paying symbol in Frost Bite and as such, can earn you 80 or 160 times your bet, depending on whether you are playing one or two coins per spin. The remaining symbols that award payouts include single, double and triple bars and snowflakes. The snowflakes may be the lowest-value symbols in Frost Bite, yet they are still important because they partially decrease the volatility of the slot. You can bag a payout of 4 coins for landing a single snowflake on the center payline.

Frost Bite Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
Any One Snowflake 2 4
Any Two Snowflake 5 10
3x Any Bar 5 10
3x Snowflake 10 20
3x Bar 10 20
3x Double Bar 25 50
3x Triple Bar 40 80
3x Cat 80 160
3x Slot Logo /Wild/ 800 1600

Bonus Games and Features

Frost Bite may be a classic, three-reel slot but it still impresses with an original design. Since everything about the layout is extremely toned down, no detail has gone without thoughts. The software developers from Microgaming’s team have invested a good amount of efforts to make this offering stand out from all other classic slots from the company’s gaming library.

The layout consists of three sections, with the reels occupying most of the space on the screen. The developers have placed the gargantuan Frost Bite logo directly below them. The logo is incredibly detailed with a snow-inspired font. The word “frost” appears to be carved into a massive block of snow while the “bite” is made of solid ice. Someone has even bitten into the B of “bite” – the most likely suspect is the comical feline positioned next to the logo.

The paytable is located directly to the side of the reels and contains all the information you need about the payouts you can expect from Frost Bite. The first column shows you all the symbol combinations that pay out. The other two columns contain the number of credits you receive on wins when betting one or two coins.

The gaming controls are to be found at the bottom. Bet levels are regulated either with the Bet One button or by selecting the corresponding column in the paytable above. Players also get to choose from several coin values, which are modified with the “+” and “-” buttons. If you do not feel like clicking on the Spin button after each rotation of the reels, you can sit back, relax, and let the reels spin uninterrupted up to 500 times in a row thanks to the Autoplay functionality.


If you are not sensitive to the cold and prefer classic slots with toned down layout and straightforward gameplay, Frost Bite certainly will appeal to you. Even more so, considering the game’s overall presentation is rather original, albeit simplified. Great attention has been paid to the tiniest of details which certainly adds to one’s gaming experience.

Besides, Frost Bite is not entirely stripped of additional features since the developers have added a wild for more winning opportunities and higher profits. The multipliers can earn you up to four times more if you are lucky enough to line up two of the wilds in the center of the reels. Another positive of Frost Bite’s clear-cut design is that it makes it suitable for less experienced spinners. The game is easy enough to navigate and play even if you have never set the reels of an online slot in motion before. Betting starts at only $0.25 so you can give it a try even if you are short of casino money.

Frost Bite Slot
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