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Fruit Salad

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fruit salad slotWhen it comes to classic slot games, the fruit theme is probably the most popular one and Fruit Salad is just one of the many fruit-themed offerings by gaming giant Microgaming. As expected, this is a colorful, fun game with 3 reels and 3 paylines, and can be enjoyed by players at a large number of online casinos.

Bursting with bright colors, Fruit Salad is exactly what you would expect it to look like. There are fruit symbols, as well as classic bars on the reels, the layout is simple and convenient as are most three-reeled slots by Microgaming. However, developers have added a wonderful Wild symbol that also gives the jackpot of the game. This is certainly one of the best features of the slot and every player would appreciate it.

The three paylines run horizontally through the reels and players can activate 1, 2, or all 3 of them. Only 1-coin bets are available, but if you play on the 3 lines, this will mean you bet 3 coins. You can also choose a coin denomination from 0.25 to 5.00 credits. The maximum bet per spin is 15.00 credits and the maximum regular payout reaches 5,000 coins multiplied by the coin size bet.

Special Symbols

Due to the nature of the slot, there is no need for including a large number of symbols. The three types of bar icons serve as low-value symbols and form winning combinations on their own. In addition, players can mix the bar symbols for a smaller cash prize. The next two symbols are perfectly fitting the theme – an orange, partially peeled, and a pomegranate cut in half. Of course, you need 3 oranges or 3 pomegranates to fall on any of the activated paylines in order to get a payout.

Along with these basic symbols, the slot also features a Wild icon. This is the only special symbol in Fruit Salad and it is represented as a bowl of deliciously looking fruit salad. When the fruit salad lands on the reels, it can help form a winning combination by substituting for the bar and fruit icons. It comes with no multipliers, but it still is a wonderful symbol.

Fruit Salad Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Bar 7
3x Bar 15
3x Double Bar 30
3x Triple Bar 80
3x Orange 150
3x Pomegranate 300
3x Fruit Salad 1st Payline 1500
3x Fruit Salad 2nd Payline 3000
3x Fruit Salad 3rd Payline 5000

Bonus Games and Features

As Microgaming’s Fruit Salad is a retro-looking classic slot, it offers no bonus games and features. And it does not have to, as most fans of the vintage slot machines will love the simplicity of the main game and the great way it honours the much-loved mechanical one-armed bandits of the old days. The reels, the controls of the game, and the pay table are all combined in a single screen, which allows players to easily look at the particular payout for each winning combination they hit.

It is important to note that the winnings in credits can be easily calculated by multiplying the payout by the coin size. This means that the jackpot of the game can reach 25,000 credits in the currency you are using if you wager 5.00 credits on all 3 lines.

The slot also allows you to enable the Expert mode from a tiny button in the bottom of the screen. This gives you the opportunity to set your bet and play 5 or 10 spins automatically, which speeds up the movement of the reels and increases the entertainment value of the game.


Microgaming’s Fruit Salad slot is certainly not the most interesting or visually appealing casino game you can play, but it is a great alternative to most classic slots which have a single payline and lack a Wild symbol. Indeed, even if it does not land on the reels very frequently, the Wild increases the player’s winning chances as it can replace any other symbol in the combinations. This translates to a theoretical Return to Player percentage of 95.03%, which means that the payback of the game is a little better than average.

In terms of graphics, Fruit Salad is quite basic but very pleasing to the eye with its bright colors and beautiful, fruity theme. After all, it was created to appear as classic as possible and Microgaming have apparently achieved it.

Fruit Salad Slot
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