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Full Moon Fortunes

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full moon fortunes slotFull Moon Fortunes is a mystery video slot which has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Developed by Playtech, the game is specially designed to suit the taste of players who are into horror stories. By playing this slot, you are guaranteed to get a spooky feeling because its main theme revolves around werewolves, in particular, the story of Dr. Blackwood who transforms into such a creature on a full moon. The game is rich in special features and realistic animations which will certainly give you chills.

The paylines in the slot are not adjustable which means that all of them will be active during the course of the game. However, it is possible to change the amount for your bet by simply clicking on the designated buttons at the bottom of the screen. The minimum wager per line is €0.01 and the maximum – €50, meaning that the total amount you can bet each round ranges from €0.20 to €1000.

Special symbols

Some of the symbols which you will come across if you play Full Moon Fortunes, are silver bullets, claw marks, dragon crest which is staked on every reel, and the standard well-known card symbols – A, K, Q, J and 10. As for the special symbols, the game offers both scatter and wild ones. The wild symbol represents a howling wolf and the logo of the game and it substitutes for all elements, providing that they are not special ones. Wilds can be extremely beneficial as they can form their own winning combinations.

The scatter symbol in the game depicts a gravestone and it has a lot of potential for increasing your profit. The reason why is simple, this element is the key to unlocking the Free Spins bonus feature which can be extremely profitable.

The symbol of the main character Dr. Blackwood is also a special element that deserves mentioning. The reason why is that this element can not only change its appearance but also its function in the game. If you manage to get the special full moon symbol on the fifth reel, it will instantly turn into a multiplier wild symbol which no longer depicts Dr. Blackwood. In such cases, the picture of the main character will transform into a scary werewolf.

Full Moon Fortunes Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
10 0 5 10 30
J 0 5 10 30
Q 0 7 15 40
K 0 10 20 50
A 0 20 40 60
Claw Marks 0 30 60 120
Silver Bullet 0 40 80 160
Dr. Blackwood 0 50 100 200
Dragon Crest 0 60 200 300
Wild 0 100 300 500

Bonus games and features

The game offers two main bonus features thanks to which you can significantly increase your profit. The first one is the Free Spins feature which is triggered when you get three or more gravestone scatter symbols. Depending on the number of gravestones you have managed to collect, you will get a different prize each time. In this sense, if you get three such symbols, you will be rewarded with one free spin and 1x multiplier. In case that you collect four gravestones, you will be able to take advantage of two free spins and 2x multiplier. Five gravestone scatters bring you three spins and 3x multiplier.

It should be noted that you will receive these free spins as soon as you trigger the bonus. However, before you start using them, you will have to play a mini-game which takes place in a graveyard. There, you will be required to choose a grave which will either increase your multipliers or spins. The other bonus feature which you can trigger is the Full Moon Feature. If you manage to activate it, you will have the chance to get a multiplier up to 5x on all winning paylines.


Full Moon Fortunes is a very thrilling video slot which has impressive graphics and visual effects. Not to mention, the great sound effects which further complete the overall theme of the slot. The game has several interesting bonus games and special features which significantly diversify the gaming process. They also give you the chance to win several cash prizes which make the game worth your while.

If you are into scary movies or mystical creatures such as werewolves, you should certainly consider playing this slot since it has everything needed in order to give you the spine-chilling feeling you have been looking for. The game can be found in a number of online casinos which are in partnership with Playtech. It is also possible to enjoy this slot on your tablet or smartphone as the game has been optimized for various types of mobile devices.

Full Moon Fortunes
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