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Funky Monkey

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funky monkey slotFunky Monkey is a fun and straightforward classic slot, courtesy of major casino software supplier Playtech. The developers at Playtech have decided to take the traditional route for this addition to their expansive slot collection – Funky Monkey is pretty much a classic slot which features a single payline stretched across three reels. The game borrows its theme from a toy many of you have probably owned in their childhood, namely a clockwork musical monkey banging on a drum. The funky sounds the developers have opted for further complement the game and enhance one’s gambling experience.

The layout of the slot pretty much resembles that of the retro one-arm bandits in brick-and-mortar casinos – the reels and control buttons occupy the lower section of the game screen while the paytable is conveniently positioned above them. The symbols you will come across when spinning the three reels are in line with the overall musical-monkey theme of the slot and include bananas, sunglasses, huts, and bongo drums. The betting limits are affordable, with players being able to wager up to three coins per each spin. Take note coin denominations and minimum/maximum bets per round may vary between online Playtech casinos, but generally, the lowest amount you can stake is set to $0.01.

Special Symbols

Funky Monkey may not be everyone’s cup of tea, chiefly because it does not have much to offer in terms of features and special symbols. Gameplay is extremely simplified which is more likely to appeal to slot novices who struggle with the overly complicated features of advanced video slots. However, if you are looking for the old-school slot experience, chances are this retro Playtech creation will greatly appeal to you.

The paytable is located within the base-game screen so there is no need for players to open a separate menu to check how much each winning combination pays out. The winning combinations of symbols are positioned to the left of the paytable while to the right, you will find three columns containing the payouts for successful bets of one, two and three coins, respectively. Whenever you match three identical symbols on the reels, the corresponding column with your payout flashes.

The lowest paying combinations consist of the iconic bar symbols. The smallest payout of 10 coins is awarded for combinations of thee different bar symbols. Payouts for matching three bananas, sunglasses, huts, and palms follow next. The most lucrative combination consists of three matching bongo drums but the payout varies, depending on the number of coins you have bet on the lucky spin. Bongo drums pay 800 coins for one-coin bets and 1,600 coins for two-coin bets while the maximum amount you can collect is the fixed jackpot of 2,500 times your base bet.

Funky Monkey Slot Paytable
Symbol One on a payline Two on a payline Three on a payline
Any 3x Bar 10 20 30
1Bar 20 40 60
2Bar 40 80 120
3Bar 60 120 180
Bananas 80 160 240
Sunglasses 100 200 300
Huts 200 400 600
Palms 400 800 1200
Bongo Drums 80 1600 2500

Bonus Games and Features

If you are looking for bonus games and extra features, we should warn you will not find them in Playtech’s Funky Monkey. Basically, the only modifications the game allows for have to do with adjusting the amount you wager per spin. The current bet amount is displayed to the left of the reels while on the other side you get to see what sum you have won on a successful round.

At the very bottom of the screen, you will find the buttons you change your bet sizing with. You increase or decrease your coin denomination by repeatedly clicking on the “+” and “-” buttons. Some of the available values you get to choose from include 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00. Some casinos running on Playtech’s cutting-edge platform have customized the game’s coin denominations, allowing their players to choose from values of 2.00 and even 5.00. There is the option to wager up to three coins per spin. The number of credits is adjusted by hitting the Bet One button. The Spin button naturally sets the reels in motion while the Bet Max button enables you to stake the highest amount permitted in the game with a single click.

Apart from that, players get to control the volume or turn off the game and background sounds altogether. An Autoplay feature is also present and you can access it by clicking on the cogged wheel at the upper right corner of the game’s screen. The feature allows for up to 99 automatic spins.


While 3D video slots with sophisticated animations and complex storylines are the latest craze in the reel spinning world, there is a group of players who still enjoy classic, three-reel games like Playtech’s Funky Monkey. The game poses as a viable alternative for all people looking for a retro experience or merely feel more comfortable with the simplified, classic one-arm bandits. Funky Monkey is also the best option for novices who have never spun the reels before – the design is so straightforward that one would hardly struggle to understand how the game is played.

The graphics and animations do seem a bit outdated but this was done on purpose. It appears the developers’ goal was to make the experience of retro slot fans as authentic as possible and it is fair to say they have succeeded. On the downside, there is only one, solitary payline to render winning combinations, which translates into fewer opportunities of bagging payouts. The return to player percentage is not too shabby for a classic slot and stands at 96.94%.

Funky Monkey
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