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Go Bananas SlotGo Bananas is an explosive online slot which arrives straight from the production line of eminent software provider NetEnt and offers players five reels, three rows, and the opportunity to score wins on 20 fixed paylines. This title shines brightly among other jungle-themed video slots with an impressive presentation, which is guaranteed to amaze players with a breathtaking visual depth, immersive audio, and five adorable monkeys with the potential of transforming themselves and their neighboring symbols into wilds.

The design of the game is stellar as the spinning action takes place in the primates’ tree playhouse, huddled deep into the tropical forests. Thus, the color scheme is dominated by the green color and all icons in use relate to the game’s theme. You can pocket a nice prize by matching symbols that contain pink gems, golden monkey statuettes, wads of bills with monkey-shaped money clippers, bongo drums, and delicious banana sundaes. Different titbits that primates enjoy make for the low-paying symbols, including plums, pineapples, coconuts, limes, and oranges.

One of the main attractions in Go Bananas is its massive flat jackpot of up to 140,000 coins. The developers have decided to skip on the addition of a bonus game and free spins but players are sufficiently recompensed with the unique mechanics of the wild monkeys which significantly reduce Go Bananas’ variance. You can play at a minimum of $0.20 a spin or take your chances with the maximum of $200.00 per round.

Special Symbols

One of the biggest strong-points of Go Bananas results from the fact that one-third of the symbols in use are wild. There are five different species of primates appearing within the game, namely a huge gorilla, an orangutan, a gray langur, a baboon, and a cute tarsier. You cannot expect any payouts from these agreeable monkeys but this by no means should let you down. Each time one of the primate symbols appears on the reels, it goes bananas i.e. wild, transforming its adjacent icons into wilds as well. This allows players to amass significant wins.

The five wild monkeys are wonderfully crafted. Each primate has its own peculiarities and individuality which shines through whenever it appears on the reels. The primate would then partake in a short animated feature. Note that it is possible for several monkeys to end up to the reels at the same time and cover almost all grids with wild symbols.

While all featured primates are equally endearing, they have a different scope when wins are concerned. This is so because each monkey creates wilds according to a specific pattern. For example, the tiny tarsier affects only two adjacent icons, which decreases its impact. The gorilla with the crown carries the highest winning potential because it turns symbols wild according to a very elaborate pattern that includes five grids.

Go Bananas Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Plum 0 5 10 30
Lime 0 5 10 40
Coconut 0 5 15 50
Pineapple 0 5 15 60
Orange 0 5 20 70
Banana Sundae 0 10 40 140
Bongo Drums 0 15 50 180
Money Clipper 0 15 60 250
Gold Statue 0 20 80 350
Pink Gem 0 25 120 700

Bonus Games and Features

If you insist on diversifying your session by activating different bonus features, Go Bananas is not the right game for you. It lacks both side games and free spins, its only special feature being the monkeys that turn regular-paying symbols wild. This absence of features may put some spinners off but given how lucrative the wild monkeys can be, we can excuse the developers’ decision to leave out the bonus games.

That being said, the game is equipped with several useful functionalities that aim at improving and customizing the gameplay. It is only natural that different spinners enjoy playing at a different pace. If you prefer greater dynamics, you can turn on the Quick Spin functionality from the settings menu to speed up the rotation of the reels.

If your device is older, you may want to turn off the animations from the same menu. While this would decrease the entertainment value of the slot, at least it would allow for a smoother gameplay and prevent you from experiencing annoying lags. You can also modify the quality of the graphics so that it corresponds to your device’s specifics. There are three levels of graphics quality to choose from – high, medium, and low.

If you find it more convenient, you can use the spacebar button as a shortcut to makes the reels spin. Some players hate to click the button every few seconds but this problem can be easily resolved by activating the Autoplay, which enables you to go through 10 to 1,000 rounds without pausing.


Go Bananas is among the less volatile slots on NetEnt’s portfolio which is to say players can expect to win often enough to protect their bankrolls and turn up a decent profit. This high win frequency can be attributed mostly to the way the wild monkeys function. The five primates land on the reels rather often turning their adjacent symbols into wilds which makes for more winning combinations, sometimes on several lines on the same spin. The result is big wins for players, especially if they have triggered the winning spin with a more sizeable bet.

This low variance renders Go Bananas a great alternative for budget-cautious reel mavens who have limited bankrolls at their disposal, preventing them from indulging in riskier slots. The game is brilliantly animated (as, in fact, most NetEnt slots are) and bursts from your computer screen with an explosion of color. The sound effects are also amazing and combined with the long-term RTP of 96.90% makes for an enjoyable and profitable betting session for all who are keen on setting the reels in motion.

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