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Golden Dragon

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golden dragon slotGolden Dragon is a 3-reel, 5-line classic slot which runs on the Quickfire software platform by Microgaming and has colorful graphics in the style of vintage video games. As its title clearly reveals, it centers on dragons and their love for gold, a theme which is more than suitable for a slot game.

Golden Dragon was designed and manufactured by software developer Microgaming as a part of its rich collection of classic, three-reeled online slots. So, along with the simplicity of the game, players should expect nicely created graphics, bold colors, and good payouts. The slot has a standard 3×3 reel grid but unlike old-school fruit machines with single paylines, it has 5 lines that run straight horizontally and diagonally.

The addition of a Wild symbol in the form of the dragon is a nice change from the old slots, as well. The retro graphics are visually appealing and the reels are set against a dark background, which is probably the dragon’s lair. Of course, the mythical creature is vigilant, guarding its treasure against the players, but once you hit a dragon combo on any of the paylines, you will steal one of five attractive jackpots.

The slot is played with 1 coin per line, while the coin size can be changed from 0.25 to 5.00 credits in the currency you are using. The maximum bet per spin is 25.00 credits.

Special Symbols

Microgaming’s Golden Dragon slot has only 5 different symbols that can appear on the reels. In combination with the 5 paylines, this makes for a really exciting game to play as the hit rate would be higher than in typical, single-line slots. The low-value icons here are bars which come in a single, double and triple format. While a winning combination of any of them would include 3 matching bars, players can also get a payout for a mixed combination. The other regular symbol in the game is a shield with two swords crossed on top of it.

The main character of the slot, the Golden Dragon, functions as the most profitable symbol and as the Wild icon, substituting for the bars and the shield symbols in combos. With its assistance, players can line up combinations much more easily, which is an obvious advantage. It is also important to note that 3 dragons on an active payline will win you the jackpot, or one of five jackpot payouts to be precise.

Golden Dragon Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Bar 4
3x Bar 10
3x Double Bar 40
3x Triple Bar 60
3x Shield 80
3x Golden Dragon 1st Payline 1000
3x Golden Dragon 2nd Payline 1500
3x Golden Dragon 3rd Payline 2000
3x Golden Dragon 4th Payline 2500
3x Golden Dragon 5th Payline 5000

Bonus Games and Features

As expected from a 3-reel slot game, Golden Dragon does not offer any extra features, bonus games, or free spins. While this may be unfortunate, such bonus features are also unnecessary due to the simple nature of the game. The Wild symbol and the multiple paylines make this slot exciting enough, compared to genuinely classic slots where playing with just one payline may be quite a boring, monotonous experience.

For every coin that you wager in Golden Dragon, you enable another payline. So, if you enable all 5 lines, the number of coins will increase to 5. This is a very important thing to consider, especially if you are after the big wins. The top payout of 5,000 coins multiplied by the bet size is available only on the fifth line. This means that in order to receive this jackpot, you need to activate the fifth line and with it, all the others. Then, all you have to do is manage to land 3 dragon symbols on this line. If 3 dragons fall on the fourth line, for instance, the payout credited to your balance will be 2,500 coins. These are the two diagonal lines on the reels.


Golden Dragon is a lovely classic slot in retro style and players can win a tempting jackpot if they are able to slay the dragon that guards the golden treasure. Of course, a cut would also bring them a cash prize, but if they want to win big, they would need to activate all paylines and take greater risks. To guarantee a longer game session, it is recommended that those on a budget simply decrease the denomination of the coins they are wagering.

The slot does not stun with its graphical quality. On the contrary, the graphics look outdated and simplistic compared to most of the modern video slots. Still, the game has a very elegant design, which is visually appealing and reminiscent of older video games. Although it is not as full of action and thrill as the more enhanced games of today, it is a wonderful option for every true fan of classic slots.

Golden Dragon Slot
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