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Ice Cave

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ice cave slotIce Cave presents you a beautiful Nordic theme, featuring many different aspects of Viking culture. As the name of the game implies, the action takes place within a frozen cave somewhere in Scandinavia. Ice Cave is a 5-reel slot that comes with 20 paylines and a good range of betting limits. You can bet 1 coin on each payline, with the value of the coins varying between 0.01 and 1.00. Judging by this, it is clear that the game was created with budget-oriented players in mind.

Special Symbols

Since the theme of the game takes its inspiration from Norse and Viking culture, it only stands to reason that the symbols will be created in a similar fashion. There are many symbols in this game and they depict various Viking characters and runes. The symbols can be classified into three distinct categories, these being Low Paying, High Paying, and Special. The Low Paying symbols consist entirely of Nordic runes, five in total. The High Paying category is made up from Viking Gods; this includes Thor, the God of Thunder; Lady Sif, Thor’s wife; Fenrir, a monstrous wolf; one of Odin’s ravens, and a Viking longship.

Apart from the Standard symbols, there are also several Special ones that have to be mentioned. These are the Ice Wild and the Hammer WIld symbols. They have special and significant interactions during gameplay, but we will discuss this in the next point.

Ice Cave Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Power 0 2 5 15
Victory 0 2 5 15
Protection 0 3 7 25
Joy 0 3 7 25
Wealth 0 4 10 50
Longship 0 5 15 75
Raven 0 5 15 75
Fenrir 0 7 25 100
Valkyrie 0 7 25 100
Jarl 0 10 50 250

Bonus Rounds and Features

Ice Cave does not have any bonus rounds or progressive jackpots. While this might sound dissuasive at first, please keep in mind that there are certain features in this game that make up for the lack of others.

For example, we mentioned above that there are two types of Wild symbols – the Ice Wild and the Hammer Wild. The Ice Wild serves as a traditional Wild symbol, in the sense that it can substitute for any missing symbol in a payline, but its usefulness does not end there. Whenever you score a win on a payline that has an Ice Wild, your winnings will be multiplied by 3 times. Ice Wilds spin on the third and fourth reels and will freeze, or in other words, stay in place, until they are broken by a Hammer Wild.

The Hammer Wild is a Wild symbol that can spin on the second reel and multiply any winning payline in which it participates by 3 times. Whenever a Hammer Wild stops on the reels, it will break all Ice Wilds that are frozen on the other reels after the winnings have been awarded.

The Feature Bet option can enable Ice Wilds to appear on the fifth reel, but also increases the size of your bet by 50%. This can be both a boon and a disadvantage, depending on the type of player you are. Since the maximum bet size is relatively low compared to other slot games, this feature will allow you to bet a good deal more than you normally would, but if you are on a budget it may cause you to burn through your bankroll faster.


Ice Cave is a fun and engaging slot game with an excellent theme and aesthetic. Vikings and their culture have recently become popular with modern audiences and Playtech is seeking to capitalize on that demand. The result is a slot game that fully embraces the thematic and does it justice. If you are a fan of the Norse mythology you will certainly enjoy this excellent game. While it does not feature any bonus rounds or progressive jackpots, the way that the two Wild symbols interact with each other will spice up the game and make it very exciting.

Ice Cave
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