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Jack in the Box

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jack in the box slotThere are times when Microgaming developers, as good as they are at what they do, prefer to stick to creating slots with a simple interface, straightforward gameplay, and a zany theme instead of going for the overly complex multi-line games that are packed with action and extra features. Jack in the Box is just the game to demonstrate this as it is an old-fashioned slot, complete with three reels, one payline stretching across the middle, and the option to bet up to two coins per spin.

The choice of theme here is certainly bizarre as this retro Microgaming creation is based on a popular… children’s toy. You know, the kind that consists of a small musical box whose lid pops wide open when you wind it up and a jester on a spring jumps out to surprise you. Only in this case, the surprise comes in the form of a vintage slot with a 5,000 top prize in coins. The three reels are rotating against a uniform green backdrop and below, you can see the game’s huge, colorful logo next to the eponymous jester.

Everything is extremely toned down, even the audio effects are reduced to the hypnotic droning of the reels only, with the occasional boing sounds when you land a winning combination. The game uses classic symbols such as boxes with lucky sevens, cherries, and single, double and triple bars, with the jester being the top payer in Jack in the Box. There are hardly any special features as such, but players can benefit from a wild with multipliers on winning combinations.

Special Symbols

As we said earlier, this is a vintage slot and therefore, those who expect interesting features and lots of special symbols are doomed to bitter disappointment. Jack in the Box is among the Microgaming offerings that target an audience of veteran reel spinners who prefer clear-cut, classic slots.

There is, however, one special symbol to up players’ odds of collecting more payouts. The Jack, aka the jester the game borrows its name from, is wild and can be used as a substitute for all other symbols that appear on the three reels. One wild jester doubles players’ profits but if two of those appear on the payline, the winnings are quadrupled with a 4x multiplier. Another important function the wild jester carries out is awarding the top payout in Jack in the Box, which consists of 5,000 coins provided that you wager the maximum of two coins per spin.

The symbol to award the second-best payment is a box with lucky sevens on top which can earn you 100 or 200 coins for three matches, depending on how much you bet. This lucky-sevens box is followed by the standard triple, double and single bars and the classic bright-red cherries. You can even collect a prize for landing a single cherry across the center payline which further increases your profits.

Jack in the Box Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
Any 1 Cherry 2 4
Any 2 Cherry 3 6
3x Any Bar 5 10
3x Cherry 10 20
3x Bar 15 30
3x Double Bar 30 60
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Musical Box 100 200
3x Jack in the Box 2000 5000

Bonus Games and Features

There is not much to be said about Jack in the Box when it comes to bonus games and special features. The only “modern” thing about this old-school slot is the addition of the wild symbol which multiplies the winnings on the combinations it forms. The interface of the game closely mimics that of vintage slot cabinets.

One half of the screen is occupied by the rotating reels while the other is where the paytable is situated. This simplicity comes with an advantage as you can easily track how many coins you are awarded when you land a winning combination. The paytable is rather easy to comprehend, even if you lack any experience with slots whatsoever. All winning combinations are in plain sight, along with the number of coins you collect at the first and the second betting level.

The buttons you control the game with are conveniently situated below. You can switch between betting levels with the Bet One button, or stake the maximum and rotate the reels at the same time with Bet Max. By clicking on the Expert Mode button, you gain access to the Autoplay feature where you can enjoy up to 500 continuous rotations of the reels.


Jack in the Box is a rather basic game, which pretty much follows the standard rules of all classic three-reel slots. All veteran reel spinners would agree that the beauty of this old-school Microgaming creation stems from its very simplicity. There are hardly any booming sound effects and flashy animations to distract you from your gameplay, which is a quality all fans of classic one-arm bandits would surely appreciate.

The game is equipped with a wild jester symbol which boosts its winning potential. What further improves your chances of ending your spinning session on profit are the multipliers attached to the wild that can double or quadruple your wins on matching combinations. While convenient, the Autoplay functionality should not be overused as it may cause you to drain your casino balance completely if you are not careful. To conclude with, Jack in the Box is considered a feasible alternative for spinners on the lower-bankroll spectrum since it is playable at $0.25 per spin only.

Jack in the Box Slot
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