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jackpot bells

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jackpot bells slotJackpot Bells is a simplistic 5-reel slot created by Playtech. The game closely resembles the old fruit machines featured in land-based casinos. It is clear that the software provider was aiming for a classical theme judging by the dark red background and various fruits acting as the game’s symbols. Jackpot Bells features 5 paylines and a progressive jackpot. The betting limits are somewhat tight with the minimum bet per payline starting at 0.4 and going up to 5. This makes the game better geared towards a more casual and budget-oriented player base.

Special Symbols

It should be quite obvious what the symbols of this game should be; it is a fruit slot after all. When you start spinning the reels of Jackpot Bells you will be presented with various images of fruits. There are eight symbols in total that you will encounter while playing the game. These are the usual piece of fruit normally featured in this type of slot game – the cherry, the lemon, the orange, the plum, the grape, and the watermelon. Apart from those, there is the big red 7 Symbol that normally accompanies the fruits. These are referred to as the Standard Symbols since there is no special interaction with them. In order to score a win, you will have to line up 3 or more of a particular symbol on a single payline, with the exception of the cherry which requires 2 or more. A winning combination is one that starts from the leftmost reel and continues in a sequence. The Seven symbol has the highest payout of out of all 7, followed by the Watermelon symbol.

We also have to mention the Bell symbol, which is after all the namesake for this game. The Bell Symbol servers as the Wild Symbol for this game and as such can substitute for any missing symbol in a payline. Whenever a Wild Symbol lands on any of the reels it will expand to cover the whole reel and so all of the paylines. Additionally, the Wild Symbol is also the trigger for the progressive jackpot. Whenever you hit a Wild Symbol on all five reels you will become the proud winner of Jackpot Bells’ progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Bells Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Cherry 2 5 10 30
Lemon 0 5 10 40
Orange 0 10 20 50
Plum 0 10 25 60
Grape 0 20 45 100
Watermelon 1 25 100 250
Red 7 0 50 200 1500

Bonus Rounds and Features

Jackpot Bells is an old school style slot and as such does not feature any additional features and bonus rounds. There are no free spins, no multipliers, no Scatter or Bonus Symbols. What you see is exactly what you get. It incorporates all of the best and worst aspects of classical slot games.


Jackpot Bells does a good job of capturing the feel and gameplay of the slot games of old. It bears a striking resemblance to classical games that first started the slot genre and still manages to feel refreshing and new. Playtech’s brilliance certainly shows with this game and it is small wonder that this software provider is considered a leader in the industry. Jackpot Bells features colorful graphics and a cheerful background theme. If you are a fan of the classic slots then this game will be right up your alley. If not, then it would best to take a look at some of the other slots available.

Jackpot Bells
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