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Jingle Bells

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jingle bells slotYou are interested in spinning the reels online but lack the experience to figure out the complex features and paytables of more modern video slots? If this is the case, renowned casino software supplier Microgaming offers you a feasible solution in the form of Jingle Bells. This simplified classic slot will not only help you get into the Christmas spirit but will also prep you up for playing the more advanced slot titles from Microgaming’s comprehensive catalog.

Jingle Bells is hardly a challenging slot to play as it features only three reels and returns payouts on five paylines, upping players’ odds of scoring wins. The interface of the game is quite uncomplicated to further navigation. The three reels are set against a green backdrop with some light green snowflakes. Underneath, you can see the huge Jingle Bells logo on top of some mistletoe to keep in line with the Christmassy theme of the slot.

The high paying symbols you need to match on the reels are primarily bells, but lower value combinations are formed with mistletoe icons, lucky sevens, and bars. The bells are also wild and as such, can substitute for all other symbols you land on the reels. The game also offers a flat-top jackpot of 6,000 coins. Not bad for a retro online slot, right?

Special Symbols

The paytable of Jingle Bells consists of several symbols, the majority of which are pretty standard for a three-reel slot. Players can form winning combinations with the iconic lucky sevens – three of those on a payline result in a win of 300 coins. Other low paying combinations are created by the bars and the mistletoe symbols which also pay out for two and even one matches. The triple, double and single bars are all interchangeable – you are entitled to a payout whenever one of those bars, no matter which, lands on an active payline.

The golden bells decorated with some mistletoe award the top monetary prizes in Jingle Bells. The number of coins you end up with for three matches largely depends on which of the five paylines your bells line up on. These are not ordinary bells, however.

Apart from awarding the highest regular wins in this slot, the bells are also wild, meaning that they can stand in position for other symbols, needed to complete a paying combination. Sad to say, the wild bells do not go with multipliers so do not expect your winnings to be doubled or quadrupled as is the case in other classic Microgaming slots.

Jingle Bells Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
Any One Mistletoe 1
Any Two Mistletoe 2
3x Any Bar 4
3x Mistletoe 10
3x Bar 20
3x Double Bar 50
3x Triple Bar 100
3x Sevens 300
3x Bells 1st Payline 1000
3x Bells 2nd Payline 2000
3x Bells 3rd Payline 3000
3x Bells 4th Payline 4000
3x Bells 5th Payline 6000

Bonus Games and Features

The great thing about Jingle Bells is that it does not pose a challenge for casual spinners with limited experience. The slot comes with a basic gameplay and a clear-cut interface, so it is highly unlikely novices would face any difficulties when playing the game. All you need to do is adjust the coin value and activate the paylines you want to bet on by repeatedly clicking on the Bet One button. It is advisable for you to activate all five paylines to increase your odds of collecting a prize. Coin values are broad and range between $0.25 and $5.00, with the option to bet one to five coins on each rotation of the reels.

One peculiarity of the game is that the top payouts are awarded by one and the same symbol. What matters is on which payline the three matching bells land. This combination on payline number 5 returns the fixed jackpot of 6,000 coins but if the three bells hit payline number 4, you still get a handsome prize of 4,000 coins. The matching bells can earn you 3,000 or 2,000 coins when landing on paylines number 3 and 2, respectively. Those who manage to hit three bells on the first payline will receive 1,000 in coins.

If you ever get tired of spinning the reels on your own, you can increase your personal comfort and convenience by turning on the Autoplay functionality. This feature is available in Expert Mode only and will enable you to play 5 to 500 spins in a row without interruption.


Jingle Bells is a classic slot that can be found across online casinos powered by the leading provider Microgaming. This Christmas-themed, three-reel slot has definitely proven it has a long shelf life – it was released over ten years ago, in 2006, but continues to be enjoyed by spinners to this day. The game offers a simple and seamless gameplay, user-friendly interface, and an appetizing top jackpot of 6,000 in coins.

The inclusion of a wild is certainly a great way to boost the winning potential of Jingle Bells. It would have been equally nice, however, if Microgaming developers have included a multiplier on the wins created when the wild is part of matching combinations. This omission is partially counterbalanced by the higher number of paylines but still, a wild with multipliers would have boosted the winning potential of Jingle Bells even further. Other than that, if you get into a festive mood and enjoy classic slots, you can always give this retro Microgaming creation a go – it is playable from as little as $0.25 per spin.

Jingle Bells Slot
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