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Kings of Chicago

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Kings of Chicago SlotKings of Chicago is a slot game developed by NetEnt, a company renowned for the quality of their games that has a presence in the world of online casinos. This game features 5 reels and 5 individual paylines.

The betting limits in Kings of Chicago are quite liberal, as are most NetEnt titles, allowing you to bet up to 50.00 on each game. On each of the paylines, you can wager up to 10 coins, the value of each coin ranging between 0.01 and 1.00. With an average return-to-player of ~97.8%, the game features very favorable odds meaning that you can score some very handsome payouts.

Special Symbols

The symbols in Kind of Chicago are unique in their own way. Each symbol in the game takes the form of a playing card, from Two to Ace, along with the Joker card. Each symbol can come in either of the four suits – Spades, Clubs, Hearts, or Diamonds. The suits do serve a purpose though we will discuss that later on. There are also special symbols in Kings of Chicago – the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is the Joker card and it can substitute for any other card in the game, while also doubling the payout for any combination that it participates in. The Scatter is completely random and it can appear as any card. On any spin, there is a chance for any of the card to receive the ‘Scatter’ tag. This symbol can trigger the free spins version of King of Chicago.

Kings of Chicago Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
Three of a Kind 2
Straight 7
Flush 25
Full House 50
Four of a Kind 75
Straight Flush 250
Royal Flush 1000
Five of a Kind 1500
Natural Royal Flush 10000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Kings of Chicago is quite unique in the way that players form winning combinations. Instead of the traditional system where you would have to line up X number of symbols on one of the paylines, Kings of Chicago has you forming poker hands. The exact order of the cards is not taken into account and you simply have to draw them on one of the five paylines. The minimum hand is a three of a kind, with the highest being the Natural Royal Flush. This system is very different from the usual slot game which is a refreshing change of pace.

The Free Deals feature is the ‘Free Spins’ variant of Kind of Chicago. It is activated when you are dealt 2 or more Scatter cards anywhere on the screen. Depending on the number of Scatter involved, you can receive between 5 and 30 Free Deals. All winnings from this feature are also doubled in value.


Overall, Kings of Chicago is a relatively unique slot game that features everyone’s favorite card game. It is a nice blend between the two and sometimes you forget just what you are playing. The game does a good job of immersing you in the experience with its high-quality graphics and audio. The gameplay is fun, as well, offering you a different take on the slot genre. If you ever come across Kings of Chicago in of the online casinos that you frequent you should definitely try it out.

Kings of Chicago Slot
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